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  1. well, i suppose it's ok to smoke, as long as you quit before you start having tooth decay and problems breathing. Have you ever gotten angry at people who try to make you quit smoking?
  2. Death45

    The Searing

    I'm not telling the story YET but I will. [Probably not because I'm probably gonna have this locked.
  3. Death45

    The Searing

    PROLOGUE PPL THATS JUST TO EXPLAIN TO PEOPLE WHO DON'T PLAY GUILD WARS. I'd appreciate it if you take into consideration the people who don't play Guild Wars and need the prologue to know what I'm talkin about. Wow, just the prologue and people blame me for being uncreative. The real story aint even happening yet. Maybe I should just get this story locked... Well, that's another idea gone down the drain...
  4. Death45

    Hit, Kiss and Miss!!

    Hit - [see below] Kiss - No1 on tip.it or any1 else cause im still depressed. [Don't ask why or I'll put you on hit] Miss - Bubsa, he was a great member, and he shouldn't have gotten banned!
  5. This is about an event that happened in Guild Wars Prophecies. I will try to tell it so that people who don't play Guild Wars will understand. Prologue The kingdom of Ascalon, a lush, green, beautiful nation. Led under the great King Adelbern, Ascalon has prospered over the years. Up until about a month ago Tyria, that's the continent Ascalon and other nations are located on, was in a state of warfare. The war mainly began when the guilds of Tyria became greedy and power hungry. They waged battles with each other and over the years, grudges were formed. The nations of Ascalon, Kryta, and Orr tried to remain neutral in the wars [Dubbed the Guild Wars], but if they wanted the goodwill of their guilds then they had no choice but to go to war. The warring nations were too preoccupied to notice a foul race of war-loving, territorial creatures amassing an army in the north. That race was the Charr. The Charr, driven forward by their gods, the Titans, invaded Ascalon, Kryta, and Orr. The three nations called a stalemate and focused on the invading Charr. Ascalon, defended by its wall, named The Great Northern Wall, fended off individual Charr warbands. Kryta, was aided by a man named Saul D' Alessio and his Unseen gods, the Mursaat. Orr suffered a much darker fate than being killed by the Charr. Khilbron, the king of Orr's most trusted adviser, went below the city of Arah and read aloud a forbidden scroll of dark magic. The entire nation of Orr was consumed in a flash of blinding light, then it sank into the ocean, killing off the invading Charr and all of Orr. The Charr have gotten bolder and are testing The Great Northern Wall for weak points, also sending out warbands to attack Ascalon. Kryta was saved from the Charr but Saul D' Alessio was lost, never to be seen again... Since then, Ascalon has become the Charr's primary target. The citizens of Ascalon live their normal lives behind the wall, unaware that in a few days, their lives would be changed forever...
  6. The punishment is harsh, but they did enter the US illegally. If i had my way then they would just have to pay a moderate fine then go take the citizenship test or leave of their own free will. That's a much better way to deal with immigrants than to kick them out and force them to go back to their old, hard life. Well i suppose its a matter of opinion but I still think that immigrants shouldn't be kicked out of the US, what kind of justice is that?
  7. before you post against GW or WoW you should consider every game thats out and that they're going to make. Guild Wars2 and Wrath of the Lich King will come out, and who knows? they might put the game over the top.
  8. get guild wars or tabula rasa, its a one time cost to buy them in stores and after that its f2p.
  9. It seems that most WoW players hate GW players. On almost every WoW or GW video on youtube there is a huge argument on whether guild wars or world of warcraft is better. Even in the games there are a large population of people that hate the ppl who play the other game, I have tried out both and have found Guild Wars to be much better than WoW. That's just my opinion, what are yours, and this will inevitably be locked one day because people start flaming. So please, try not to flame.
  10. Tuesday, In the Near Future [probably tuesday] 1. Wake up at 6:30 2. My school gets closed down. 3. My GF is brought back to life. 4. We have the perfect morning together. 5. She goes home to her overjoyed parents. 6. I win the lottery. 7. World peace is achieved. 8. Hang out with my friends. 9. Go home to play Gears of War and Guild Wars. 10. Stay up all night watching animie.
  11. LOL. Right. Its just a coincidence that danofilth2 is close to Dani Filth, lead singer of Cradle of Filth, who developed a shirt with a picture of a nun on the front pleasuring herself with a crucifix, and the words "Jesus is a [bleep]" on the back? Idiot Edit: Shirt
  12. I wanna be mummified and buried with my most precious possessions: my wii, a copy of gears of war, a pc with internet, a tv, a large supply of chips and root beer, my 9 mil pistol, a medical professional, and a defibrillator. either that or i'd have my body frozen and brought back to life on March 18, 2308 as a senior mutant ninja turtle then i will reign destruction on the people of the future.
  13. Death45

    Your Future Plans?

    I'll go to college and then try to get a job at ArenaNet, Ncsoft, or Blizzard. Then I grow old, senile, and less wise.
  14. I agree with two things, 1. One of your frens in RL hacked it. 2. All hope is lost. [hide]Except if you track down the hacker and egg/TP his house for revenge. Not sure how that'd help but it's still revenge. My advice is to give up on RuneScape and play a worthwhile game like Guild Wars or WoW. Recommended: Guild Wars. [/hide]
  15. Well... I wouldn't really call it a dream, more like a nightmare. The worst thing possible happened to me, I got transported into runescape, my entire body was like a cartoon character and a badly drawn one at that. lvl 126s kept on killing me and i kept on being respawned, only to be killed again. I woke up in panic after the 15th time i died.
  16. Death45


    17 I started playing 3 years ago but quickly got bored. NEVER AGAIN!
  17. I have 1-3 as for three, i usually see myself in an airplane crashing into the ocean. 2 is only when i'm not really focused on anything. 1 happens when i'm on the computer such as right now. I'm not really concerned about it because the majority of my friends have those things happen to them too.
  18. That's horrible. They torture their kids then deny the charges? If they were really religious then i could understand why they're denying it but if they just torture their children because they want to... If they're extremely religious they might think that what they are doing is helping their children. Some people just take religion too far...
  19. I'll write a GW story as soon as i think of something to write.
  20. Death45

    desert island

    No escape= Machete, You can do anything with a machete. Escape= a UFO, gets great mileage and it will anger the government by undermining their theory that UFOs have never been on Earth.
  21. Then eventually i'll make a story on GW2, like in a few years.
  22. never knew you could write GW stories here. It's pretty good so far, and are you planning on making a story for Nightfall, Prophecies ,and Eye of the North? If not then I probably will.
  23. there is but i'm not thinkin clear now so this should be locked.
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