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    Torn ACL

    When my dog was a pup, it tore it's acl. he had surgery and let me tell you, when he came out, and for the next few weeks, he was the sadest looking dog. he wasn't supposed to walk, so we put him in a cage about 6 feet in diameter. it was terrible. when he was finally healed, he tore his other one like a month later... so we went through that whole experience again... but now his knees are better and hes fine so its all good.
  2. Hello, i need some help with my laptop. before i start i should tell you that my laptop is just a piece of junk, it has lines all over the screen, and it will shut off instantly when the cord falls out. Ok so one day i was on it and the cord fell out. Frustrated, i plugged the cord back in and turned it on. i got the screen saying "Your last Windows session ended upruptly" yadda yadda yadda... i tried all the options but it always just goes to the loading screen and then the blue screen that says unmountable boot volume. i have windows xp and all i know about the laptop is that it is a dell insparation oh, also, please don't use terms a computuer savvy person would use. i wouldn't have a clue what they ment. Thanks!
  3. Well sometimes when i have a conversation with someone, i zone out and forget im talking to them and i just walk away can be kind of embarrassing if im talking to a girl i like or a friend... and im narcisstic
  4. yes. i am next door nieghbours with jesus. yeah i know, im lying and the bassist from sound garden lives on the same island that i do :P
  5. Sadly, that is very true... Some inappropriate language but proves a point (this is not me I found it online) http://img291.imageshack.us/my.php?image=omgwdfwr2.png
  6. [hide=] I haven't read the previous page to keep up with the thread, but this comment [bleep]ed a little interest in me, simply because I've had the same problem so often. I'm not one for keeping secrets, and aren't very good at it even when I do try, so usually when I like a girl, she knows before I manage to ask her out. Sometimes, it still works out okay, but as often as not, it ends up that she'll be a little weirded out by it, and turn a little awkward and stop wanting to hang out with me so much. Now, it's not an overly pronounced difference, but their entire attitude is affected and my chances of going out with them ever drop a good amount. I suppose the best idea is to keep it to yourself until you manage to ask her out, but honestly, that's just personal experience and I'm not sure if it's the right thing to do. Hmm... Actually, a lil' bit of advice for Klan wouldn't go awry here either. Well yes and no. Yes, you should build a little more comfort before you ask her out and look for signs that she is interested in you before you show interest in her. That doesn't mean you need to be ABSOLUTELY sure that she likes you and there's always a chance she could reject you (or say "let's just be friends" if you built too much comfort without showing interest). And even when you do show interest, I think it would be wise to make it a little deeper than "I like you", find something interesting about her or explain why you like being around her. However, if things don't work out well, immediately move onto the next girl. Well you're just gonna have to get over that mate ;) . I can already say that you are ahead of some people I know, who seem to think females are a terrifying species and wouldn't dare speak to them. "I'm shy" is an easy excuse to use when finding a reason not to approach girls. So I'd say stop denying the potential that you have and go meet more girls. [/hide] Wow thanks guys! I didn't think anyone would care to actually help... Thanks Anyways, I have decided to ask her out on July 4th, at our town we have a big parade then and one of her friends will help me find her then...
  7. The problem is she knows that I like her... alot... (damn i need new friends)... I might as well try it though, its summer, and with any luck she will have forgotten about me asking by the time school gets back :mrgreen:
  8. ^That seems like a good idea, if i weren't hella shy... and trust me, nobody has lower expectations of themselves than i do :
  9. I need some help finding out if a girl likes me. I have been talking to her for about two weeks, in person and on facebook. The stuff we talk about is stuff friends would talk about, like how our days were and whatnot. Normally I would think that we are just friends, but about a month ago there was an end of the year dance (sort of like a graduation from 8th to 9th grade, but fun) and we had danced (this was before i knew her). I am pretty sure that I was the only person she had danced with that night also... Please help! I really like her and I need someones honest oppinion!
  10. So, it doesn't kill time at all, it gets its wife to kill time. Macbeth was the one that actually did the regicide. And yeah, I like the capture the flag matches, help to train your skills with loads of time and no limits basically. I can get strings of headshots on godlike setting (which is so easy for me now lol). no way Macbeth could've done it... his agility is like 10.. 20 tops... OT:Age Of War
  11. my favorite game is ratchet and clank: FToD, or oblivion :P
  12. no.. slayer if p2p, mining if f2p
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