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  1. No way you are only 3 days older than me? Happy birthday Adun :D:D

  2. Ello lover, MISS YOU MOAR <3

  3. Anyone interested in joining a new, elite skilling clan? Come check us out! Visit: http://www.divineskillers.com today!

  4. I hardly go on Skype so i'll try to find it soon :)

  5. Heyyy Adam :D You have yet to accept my Skype request. ;)

  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. Username: Adam Rexic For some reason im not on the highscores anymore, can i go back on pl0x :P
  8. Best of luck in the future with you nova =]<3
  9. Rolling on the floor laughing At the person who is trying to be "Soulja boy" He obviously just made a tipit account to make a fool of himself, especially with his RSN, his signature, his grammar, and his post count.
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