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  1. I'm enjoying this. I got a good laugh out of the fake quest guide :thumbsup: Edit: I think the title under my name fits quite well :shades:
  2. Unless I'm mistaken, don't these lodestones take about the same time to use as the Home Teleport *or atleast some time to use*? If that's the case, I don't see why people are making such a fuss about it. Regardless, I could be wrong and no doubt someone will correct me on it. I am liking that elf costume though, I think I might have to get that for my new skilling outfit :P
  3. Enjoying Tribes Ascend

    1. Seer


      If you enjoy a good FPS game, check out Tribes Ascend.

  4. Ben, you're still here? :blink: Holy crap I've been gone too long, still rather sad you haven't beaten me in slayer yet <_<
  5. I think out of all the updated armor, Infinity an Armadyl look the best imo, atleast on females.
  6. There was a concept art on the BTS page ;) and it looks quite good. I think August is going to be a good month imo.
  7. That's pretty neat. Shame you only get 200 resources or w/e to use in building.
  8. That's funny, not gonna lie. I hate it when people cba to key.
  9. Noob! Looks like I'm going to beat you to 138 cmb :shades:
  10. Ohhh yes. brought 2 before update @ 8m ea. People are buying for 25m apparently in W2. if only I brought more, I could have for once made major profit I was browsing the SM forums before update and bought some because they were being merched, I wonder if it was a coincidence or that robins were leaked :rolleyes: I was in W2 recently, no one is buying more than 10m atm. I'd personally like to see the different outfits that are currently available in both female an male.
  11. If you want to donate 20-25m for 95 prayer sure I'll go get it. :P
  12. Oh you did it didn't you? Got 137 combat forcing me to go for 95 prayer. :evil: Anyways grats on 137 cmb finally.
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