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What are pures?


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Pures are characters with particularly high levels in certain combat skills such as mage, range, strength, attack but typically low defence and sometimes low hp. This means that their overall combat score is lower than normal which means they can attack lower level players in the wildy.





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heres an example of my pure.




heres the thinking behind 1 defense- The lower your defense the higher your str or att. So my str, or att will be like 40 lvls higher then most people. because their busy gettign 40 defense for rune.




click pic to enlarge-




beast2008: 100 combat - banned july 9th 2006

~R.I.P the old nite~

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Pure can be applied to anyone whose HP is higher than their defense.




My HP is higher than my Def. That mean I'm a pure?




Anyway, I think you've got your answer for pures. Also, a skill pure is someone who focuses on raising one or more of his/her non-combat skills. Example, a lvl 3 who only fishes and now has 80 fishing. Or a lvl 3 who has 80 wc.

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