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Lookin for a Signature ^_^


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Hi, My rsn is Devilwar,


I havn't played runescape in quite a while, started playing AGES ago lol, but yeah i've only come back recently, remembered this account and it just doesn't seem right posting without a cool signature ^_^




So i was hoping that if someone wasn't too busy, if you could make a signature for me, im not fussy with what is on it, just Devilwar and not too big i'm not too found of big signatures, not too sure why, just don't find them very good looking i guess lol


so yeah about width: 300 height: 105 pls lol just saw someones signature that big, looked good




alright so thank you to anyone that does this for me, i appreciate it. O:)

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Its very nice, I don't want to seem like one of those picky guys that just says no to every signature, i mean i think you are a great signature maker, excellent work, im just more of a cold colour person, firey reds and yellows just aren't my thing i guess, but it is a great peice of work 8-[

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