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question about my pure warrior.... please post all u can


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I have recently started playing again and remembered a noob he was 10 attack 1 def 10 str....... i got him up to 20, 1, 20, then up to where he is now.... 45 attack, 1def, 46 str, 45 hits, 51 mage, 3 range, 15 pray,,, please post your thoughts if this is good and what to level up. thanks all




............... i know my def :P, and range, and pray are weak but i am focusing on str and mage atm please post...! :D

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next time try graveyard help and advice :-w




However. Don't get prayer up any more, it will get your combat up quite alot. Since you've already got it to 15 however, just get to 16 for improved reflexes. :-({|=

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