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  1. Jimmyh7

    Corrupt Items

    From the OP. I'm pretty sure the timer for the corrupt items does pause when you unequip them. A corrupt items state (25, 50 etc) would be dictated by how long it had been equipped for, not how many times it had been used. I just said 'charges' because that's how RORs work. i.e. 40 points of damage before they disappear. What I meant in my last post, in case it wasn't clear (I know that I can sometimes be hard to understand): Person A buys a c. dragon longsword (50). They equip it for just long enough to use 24 'charges' (around 7 minutes, idk), so that the longsword is still at (50). They then trade it to person B for the price of a c. longsword (50). Person B has paid for the c. longsword (50), and therefore gets the full 50 charges, not 26. If, however, they both decided to trade back without person B equipping it, person A would still only be able to equip it for 1 charge worth of time before that item degraded down to a c dragon longsword (25), because they had used 24 charges before. Or, even if person A bought an entirely different c. dragon longsword (maybe at a different charge, such as 100), they would still only have 1 charge of time left before that longsword degraded to (75).
  2. Jimmyh7

    Corrupt Items

    No, they couldn't trade back and forth between friends for free recharges, because when they got the item back or even another item (which is still the same type, e.g. corrupt dragon scimitar) at a different charge they would still only have one charge until it degraded down to the next tier, because that counter is personal to them, not the item. Which is what I said in the OP.
  3. Jimmyh7

    Corrupt Items

    That's not how rings of recoil work..
  4. Jimmyh7

    Corrupt Items

    Why not make it like the ring of recoil system then, so if someone bought a corrupt item 50 then they would get the full 50 uses, even if the person who sold it had used 74 uses.
  5. Jimmyh7

    Corrupt Items

    Ah, that makes sense - forget recharging then. Why don't they let us buy and sell degraded (25, 50, etc) corrupt items though?
  6. Jimmyh7

    Corrupt Items

    And it would cost YOU precisely the same amount to recharge it. You are failing to grasp the concept that no matter where the price hit comes in, you will end up paying the SAME amount - a side effect of consumer-controlled pricing. You will get precisely 0 of your money back if it is rechargeable, so what ARE you ranting about? The scimitar is now worth 0gp to me, because I cannot sell it. If it were rechargable for, say, 95% of the current market price, I would be getting that 5% back by recharging the item and selling it. This is preferable, for me, to not being able to sell it at all. Plus I only used the item for about 30 seconds, so the recharge price would be less than for someone recharging a corrupt item which they had been using for 25 minutes. Also, you're right; I am failing to grasp your point. Could you explain it in a clearer way for me, please?
  7. Jimmyh7

    Corrupt Items

    If it cost a huge amount to recharge, it wouldn't raise the price too much.
  8. Jimmyh7

    Corrupt Items

    I'm not ranting about the price. I would LOVE for it to be rechargable, because then I could get some of my money back. This is my point; that there is no way to get any money back.
  9. Jimmyh7

    Corrupt Items

    No. I'm complaining that there is no way to get any money back once you use the item once. In fact, if you had actually read the OP, I admitted that it was my own fault. I am simply asking why it's like this. Leave the trolling to the pros from now on.
  10. Jimmyh7

    Corrupt Items

    Hi. I was just wondering why there is no way whatsoever to recoup your losses if you degrade a corrupt item? If you really want to find out why I'm 'ranting', click below. [hide=My Story]So, I'm woodcutting on a pvp world. There are several advantages to this, including less people and increasing drop potential without actually fighting. Sometimes people think it's funny or clever to try to kill me and other woodcutters, so I had come prepared with a corrupt dragon scimitar, one of four which I bought a week ago, because they seem to be a good investment at the moment. The only reason I did this was because I naively assumed that the degrading system worked similar to the ring of recoil system - where the amount of charges, or uses, you have left is personal to you, and not the item, and you inherit that number of uses onto the same type of item next time you use it. This is so you can sell the ring of recoil without having to use it all up. It is my own fault that I didn't check this - I just thought that this would be the more logical way of doing it. So when I manage to kill one such person and recieve a rune (g) helmet and other trinkets, I'm quite happy. This is, after all, f2p, where money is relatively hard to come by. I'm not ranting about how f2p should have more money making options - I'm quite content woodcutting. However, when I realise that the corrupt dragon scimitar that I used has degraded, I think, 'no biggie, I'll just repair it', forgetting that they don't work like barrows items. When I subsequently find that, not only can Bob not repair it for me, but I have no way of re-selling it at all, I'm sad.[/hide] Anyway, my rant is at the fact that, even if a corrupt item is used for only a minute or so, the money you paid for it (2.8m, in my case) is completely and utterly gone. I don't wish to use it any more at all; I hardly have pking stats; I simply want some way for me to get some of my money back. Although 2.8m may not sound like much to some people; it is many hours work in f2p, and a huge loss for me. Even if it cost me, say, 2m for Bob to repair the item for me, I wouldn't care. At least I'm saving 800k which I won't have to work back. Or, even better, make the corrupt items work similar to the ring of recoil's charges system, or let us sell them degraded: e.g. C. Dragon Scimitar 100, 75, etc.
  11. I think combat's pretty balanced in p2p. They should correct the combat in f2p, really. At mid-high levels, magers have no chance at all.
  12. Pez Dangerous Mad Max Screenies are all gone. :(
  13. nachalo 1) Tradeable Rares - A huge influx of cash, huge inflation. Plus, (though this may have changed, idk) can't you have a max of like 2.17 billion gp? Some people get around this (or used to, idk) by owning partyhats and other rares. If you change the rares to cash, they would have more than the max amount and something bad could happen. Idk. 2) Non-tradeable rares - These show people how long you've been playing. I don't know about other people, but I like showing off how long I've been playing; I feel that it sort of makes up for my relatively low levels and lack of gold pieces. If everyone could get them, I'd just feel sad. :(
  14. As several people have said already, this is probably the official name for ThirdScape.
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