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The final duel


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The wind was howling and the trees shaking. On two mounds mortal enemies stood facing wtraight towards each other. Arek, only being a young lad was scared out of his wits. Of course he never showed this because on the opposite mound was a ninja-like zamorakian who was heavily armed. Arek said a silent prayer and drew out his scimitar hope to get an early attack in on the foe but the zamorakian whose name was Hamaas was prepared. He quickly threw out his black sheild and blocked Areks scimmy it made sparks but the shield suprisingly blocked it with no visable slash. Then Masaas took out his most universally feared weapon THE RUBBER CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Me: Hey this isn't in the script




Writers: ZOMG srry god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Me: WHat do I even pay you guys for




Writers: Dunno




Me: Oh fine just roll with it




Writers: kk boss dud3




Please rate my story so far

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