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  1. Username: Ash6110 Ranged Level: 50 Style: Rapid No Prayer or Pots item Used: Addy Cbow Mithril Bolts: 10 Opal Bolts: 8 Spec: 12 Pearl Bolts: 9 Spec: 12 Diamond Bolts: 11 Spec: 13 Item Used: magic Shortbow Mithril Arrows: 8 Spec: 10 Item Used: Iron Knives Max Hit: 6
  2. Ash6110

    Lvl 3 = Noob. Why?

    The question is, Why does it bother you so much? Does it really disrupt your life so badly and cause you such emotional stress that you need to post a rant about why the word noob should be banned. My advice is to just ignore the bullhead! Let him have his little moment of glory and then stick his head back down in his little hole. He isn't worth getting fired up over. :roll:
  3. Ash6110

    AGS Sucks

    How is bringing up a valid argument trolling? :-s
  4. I would have to agree. I've been playing off and on since 2005. Does this make me some sort of elite or something? No, I'm just a standard Level 85 member. I can't stand it when people use the amount of time that they've play runescape to add weight to their argument.
  5. Part of the challenge is to keep people from getting away from you. In my opinion, Jagex did a pretty good job with the safe zone time penalty. If you are fairly good at pking, a runner shouldn't pose too much of a problem in taking down. Here is an example of how it could work out......... - Player 1 is fighting Player 2 - Player 2 is out of food andd runs away to a safe area. - While in the safe area Player 1 Binds/Ices him and whips out some specs - Player 2 dies and Player 1 gets his loot, all with 5 or more seconds to spare. How for teleporters, if it bothers you so much you could just get 85 Magic and use Teleblaock.
  6. Ash6110


    Had a Cross Country meet today where I ran an 18:39 which means I qualify for the DIstrict meet. :mrgreen: But before then I just went to school, we watched Hotel Rwanda in social studies class, which is a great movie. Other than that, just got on and posted here a little while ago and thats it.
  7. One day as Gym class was finishing and everyone was changing, this so called "gangsta" came up to me, and started running his mouth about how I sucked at Volleyball, and this and that. I told him the volleyball was a sport that only f*gs like him are good at. He pushed me into the wall, and for somereason I flipped into a violent rage and started slamming his facing into his gym locker. By the time the fight was over, he had two black eyes and cuts all over his face in the shape of the locker grating. Amazingly my gym teacher saw all of this, said "Kids will be kids" and walked away. Really sorta feel bad about it now, it was a real trivial dispute that didn't need to turn violent. -.-
  8. I was like 6, and I was on the see-saw at the park with one of my friends. I decided to be a wise guy and jump off as soon as my side got near the ground. I did, and my friend came down hard, and smashed his face into the metal see-saw handle. Blood everywhere! I really got yelled at for that. :oops:
  9. Ash6110

    Lock please....

    Woops :oops: Caught red handed not using the search button. Thanks for pointing that out.
  10. Halo 3 The Orange Box Bioshock Oblivion + Knights of the NIne + Shivering Isles Madden 08
  11. This was one harpie bug assignment 2 Rune Chains 2 Halfs Keys around 4k fires Thats about it.
  12. Same here, I find p2p pking too lethal. TOo many ice barragers and dds spec crazy people
  13. JOgging in my opinion. I started about 2 years ago and I've gone from being able to jog 2 miles to being able to jog 12 miles But on the other hand I'm a bad swimmer so I can't judge.
  14. 1st Semester Block 1: Political Science II Block 2: AP Physics I Block 3: Web Design III Block 4: Spanish VI 2nd Semester (AKA living hell) Block 1: AP Calc Block 2: AP Literature Block 3: AP Physics II Block 4: Kickboxing 8-) I'm gonna need the stress relief after all those AP classes
  15. Yawn been there, done that, seen it in a guide 10 times before. #-o :roll: :wall: Aw well, gl with whatever your doing irl :)
  16. 1. 60 Def 2. 70 Attack 3. 75 or 80 strengh 4. 55 Mage 5. 50 Ranged 6. 43 Prayer 7. 50 Cons 8. Whip
  17. So, I was dueling and while i was doing this i wondered. "Hmm wonder what everone else in TIP IT can hit. So i made this post Yours can be melee, mage, or range Set it up anyway you like. My max hits Max with prayer, super pot and dds: 23 x 2 Max with same conditions and d long: 30 Max with same conditions dba and spec: 29 Max with d mace: 35!! 8-) Gmaul: 27 Obby Maul: 30 Rune Scimmy: 19 Rune 2hander: 25 Now what are yours?
  18. The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion (XBOX360) Summary: I rented this game off a friend's recommendation very skeptically, that is until I popped it in and started playing, it has great graphics, and has almost endless customization possiblilities. Game Content: 9.0 (Excellent) -Almost infinite customization options -Great main story that you can do at your leisure -Tons oif other quest -Dungeon crawling can get a bit repetitive with the same basic principles Playability: 7.5 (Good) - Bugs that can easily be patched in the PC version cannot on the XBOX version. -No console -Very nice controls - Junky 3rd person camera Garaphics: 9.5 (Excellent.) -Lush detailed enviroments. Total: 34.5/40 -Weapons and armor are highly detailed. -Just looks spectacular on an HD TV -NPC's faces are kinda weird looking. Sound: 8.5 (Excellent) -Great Soundtrack even though there are so few songs - The music protrays the mood of the situation you are in well. -Some of the dialouge bits get extremely annoying Outcome
  19. Holy Grail - 12,500 prayer xp means a lot for a skill that is so slow to level.
  20. Rudest: I was killing rock crabs when this level 45 pure comes up and starts killing them. I accidently clicked on one of the crabs he was fighting and boom! He is following and calling me a noob. I tell him to go put his unpleasant face in his unpleasant place and he logs off. Then he gets out his level 110 and starts stealing all my rock crabs over and over and harrassing and cursing at me, and even making racial remarks. Finally report him and 3 days later he is ranting at me on his pure account how i got him banned, then he starts in with the racist remarks and stuff and so I report him again. Havent heard from him since. :-w Crudest: A bunch of times, I was a real scammer and a jerk when I was low leveled :oops:
  21. I would like to go to CHile and maybe the UK.
  22. Some buy gave me adamant platelegs to me for free at the duel arena, I was level 19 and so i sold them and bought a mith long anf a fire staff. :-w
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