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  1. I hate to say it like this but: Number Two! :thumbsup:
  2. nzall

    Lvl 3 = Noob. Why?

    I am fed up of going into Lumbridge and repeatedly called a noob. So what, I'm lvl 3. Yet i also have lv 40 + in mining, fishing, cooking and smithing. Now are there many lvl 30s with these stats? I think not. Personally I think the word noob (and all its variations) should be banned.
  3. nzall


    You get pastry and what not and shove it in an oven!
  4. In RuneScape do you think the wierd names are more popular, because I rarely find people named James 24, it is normally Rxf12 or something along those lines.
  5. Currently Mining is the least updated skill, since Firemaking had a new fire animation.
  6. The rarest item in runescape is probably the disk of returning, or half a jug of wine
  7. Maybe they should make rated worlds like World ## Rating: PG/15/18 I think then, levels of the censor can be lifted, the higher the rating. I.E. on a world rated 18, there is no censor, but on a PG world The censor would be high (No swear words whatsoever) It is true that the censor on runescape should be revised.
  8. Whilst in your moment of manical cackling, I restore my energy and health and then do the only thing I can: Whack you over the head with a frozen ham!
  9. nzall


    no. How much do you weigh (in Kg?)
  10. We would all be dead. Except me! (nah, i made that last bit up :( ) n00bs
  11. nzall

    Evil The People

    Yes, well, does the D in your name stand for Dracula??
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