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Hacked and Banned..


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Well, about a year ago my char Caution 13..Got hacked, and someone knew my recoveries, so when I would ever try changing my pass and reqs, he would change'em back..


Anyways I just gave up on it I couldn't handle it, and I had RL issues..




About half a year later I see that some guy had been playin on my char all along, even got me two lvls and was in the clan "Valor"..Or somsh..




Well, if anyone would like to know, or needs proof of this the clans I was in while playin on caution were:




DS (first clan)








And a few others I can't remember..




All I know is that I wanted to join RSD when it came out, I applied twice, but got rejected..




Anyways....I'm back, and playin on "Pkxpkxpkx" my leet ranger (H).


Since Caution is banned for "Real world money advertising"..Something I (the real owner) had nothing to do with.

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