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Discussion of the current runescape community for veterans.


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First off, I do not mean veteran as in war veterans. I have great respect for them, but that's not how the word is used here. I mean people who have played for a long time. Preferably for atleast 4 or 5 years. I myself have played since the open beta. I remember a guy helping me out to get a net to start fishing. Then I being attacked by some guy and my "hero" saving the day :). That was back when you could attack a player anywhere.




Now, the game itself has certainly become better since then. Without a doubt. However, the community on the other hand, has only gotten worse. In one way it is certainly no suprise. That's how MMORPGs are. They tend to start off with a good community and as the immature kids find out about it, the overall community shifts.




Runescape seems to be the extreme example of this though. As I'm sure all of you know, many people hate runescape. One of the main reaons people often times give is that the people who play it are stupid. In no way am I a genius, but stupid, I do not think I am. However, I would agree that many peolpe who play runescape are.




My point here though is. People seem to have this mentality of "If you're lower level/poorer/have worse equipment than them, then you are a noob. However, if you are higher level/richer/have better equipment than them, then you have no life.




Or in the case that your old account was banned/hacked, as is my case (level 99 banned 2 years ago, back when 99 meant alot more than it does now). Then god forbid someone might believe you. A level 95 who of all people should understand that people do get banned unjustly decided I was a "noob" because of it. I didn't just go around going "omg i my 99 is hacked". A guy and I got into a conversation, I made the comment of "Wow, fishing is alot easier now in rs2 than it was in rsc" and as the conversation progressed it was natural that I would mention it. However then a certain level 95 (and of course the usual peanut gallery) had to hop in. The 95 asked me several questions, all but one (oh don't you know, god forbid I forget one detail of the underground pass quest) and then still refused to believe me. Apparently, I'm able to look up the answers in about .05 seconds. He evne made the comment of "You're probably looking in the wiki cause all your answers are just like in the wiki." Well, that would make sense if my answers were correct and he go this questions from the wiki now wouldn't it?




Alright, I really went off on a tangent there. Anyway, this isn't meant to be a ranting thread about the community, but more of a "what has been your experience overall from the years ago when you fisrt started to today in terms of community. For me, back in the day there were far more nice people compared to the number of rude/mean/ignorant people than there are today.

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[edit], if if this is a discussion, does it not need to be somewhere else?


This forum is for suggestions and discussing them, i persume.

Known in-game as Mister evil9(lvl 93)(P2P).

Modding gta2(making maps, scripts,editing it).

On world 54 mostly.

Made a nice GTA2 site!

A little in-active...

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