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  1. Hehe, i liked My Arms big adventure, awesome cutscene's, especially the one with the village, punching the broodoo away out of sight, gotta hurt, lol. And scaring the "player" away with spider, owning the village's strongest(?) warrior. Lol. Oh, and throwing the drunken dwarf away, with a rough landing, and a troll trying to eat him. Now thats owned. Lol.
  2. Maybe been suggested before... But i found a GOOD way of killing Damis! Without using ALOT of prayer potions, only a few for the monsters... Damis is weak vs most magic, and i tryed Iban Blast, and hell, it worked perfectly, together with Snare. And Monk Robes, with an (earth?)staff will do too. :P Ok... It looks like the other thing... But Iban Blast does the job ALOT faster! *Wonders if it aint suggested yet... :-k*
  3. It should work on friends list and Team capes then. And on your team in team games, like Castle wars.
  4. Yes, its to DESTROY!!!! all the autoers. Attacking random events should do an ranged/magic attack of 10 damage. Things like.... uhh, ent, lets say, they bite you, then they wait for the chance to get the axe. And most of you will say it will kill skillers? A solution! Make any decent armor(bronse and higher, and such) decrease the hits. Giving Skillers an chance to escape! Ah, and for ranged attacking randoms(evil chicken, ect), make them hit a few 0's after the first.... special hit. And if this would be broadcasted on the homepage, well... the autoers would soon get defence stuff. And rune would nearly make it 0, or so. And i dont see any use on skillers anyways, all they do it take up your time, and others. Ah, and gift givers as dwarf... i don know.... we can always REPLACE the dwarf(I HATE HIM!) Now, i think about making a list, of what random events should do what, to DESTROY!(Yes, DESTROY!!!!!!!!) autoers. Sooner or later it might not work anymore trough... or skillers need to stop existing, somehow. Oh yeah, im not often on forums. [edit, loggin out, getting a bit sleepy, and got stuff to do...] [email protected] L1$T------ [Empty at the moment]
  5. hmmm... no idea if that much topics. if everyone here's so negative, ill just leave. BYE!
  6. has anyone of you noticed a person with a weird staff with a weird skull on it? Its called a Skull sceptre(hard to type... ), also called a skull staff, ect. And i think your first question is, How can i get one? Ill say it: You need to kill monsters that drop parts, and only certain monsters drop certain parts. Minotuars drop: Right skull half And are your ussual not-so-strong monster. There's even a rumor of there HP being lowered(nerfed). Flesh Crawler drops: Bottom piece of staff. Are annoying without armor as they attack FASTER THEN A SCIMITAR. And are max at AROUND level 44. Can be annoying. And this weird green cow-like thing on level 3 of Stronghold of Security drop: Top of staff(?). And use weaken, often enough, my strenght level got down with 9 levels! And they have decent HP and are not too bad, quite strong, maybe. And Ankou's(those purple ghosts) drop: Left skul half. And are of level 80+, and hit good if you dont have full rune equipped. There just like lesser demons, i think. Just a little stronger. once you got 2 skull parts you can use them on eachother, to create a full skull, witch you can put on a complete staff. Same for staff, put bottom and top piece on eachother, like the skull. once you have it complete, you can use the option Devine, to check its charges left. And Invoke to use a charge to teleport, to Barbarian Village. ITS NOT RECHARGABLE, and will be destroyed after all charges are used. You can also wield the staff, it looks cool! Oh, and its statuses are well... [insert bad word]. But it looks cool! [picture] ------------ If its on the wrong forum, please move it, it took a while to create. And if there's already a topic, i could not find one... Atleast, not a topic dedicated to inform people about this staff and all you can do with it. if anyone has comments, or knows something i dont about the staff, or if something needs to be edited, POST! And discussing it is also good.
  7. * Copy And Pasting* *Editing* I am from: The Netherlands. And I currently live in: The Netherlands. Additional Comments: - None i can think of.
  8. Uhh, the wilderness is also part of the runescape world? Unless they freak out, in fear of the wilderness.
  9. [edit], if if this is a discussion, does it not need to be somewhere else? This forum is for suggestions and discussing them, i persume.
  10. Why not, then every pker and such would probaly take a imp, lol. Hmmm... if the owner gets teamed the imp should attack with double power on the other who's attacking the owner?
  11. Yeah, lol, 1 skill with 1 thing,waste of time creating it and calling it a skill WITH 1 THING. ah, going to logoff for now, having lets say.. dinner? my type of dinner, bread with lots of those choclate things(no idea how to call em in english). maybe later back on, but as my sig says, not often online here.
  12. Then MAYBE make them unusable in certain area's, or vs certain monsters. But having prayers doing this, would give the skill more attention, and teamwork would have new stuff, i dont really see much disatvantages of it, when having 2 prayers defending you, you still have 1 weakness left, cant have all 3 on at same time anyway.
  13. The drain being as fast as protect from melee does should be fine, i think, its only a dot gone from the map anyway, and pkers do tend to look in every direction when not looking straight forward to attack, same with people trying to avoid them.
  14. SOME pictures? i think you mean EXTREMELY-MUCH-UBER-MUCH pictures. But why not, the more the better!(Ussually.)
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