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I know this might be a dumb question, but.....


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Could someone please explain to me what exactly is a pure? I was thinking it was focussing on a single combate attribute but I see stats of peole saying they are pures and they have a mix of skills trained. So what exactly is a pure? Also what is the viability of raising a character with range alone? Or how would it best be done to raise a character dependent on mostly range?




I am on f2p so I wont be able to fletch. Would that be much of a problem? I want to go member but my main would be the one I take and I don't think it is worth the money to have more than one member account. My main is going primary melee, not even using range or magic. However I do have some magic skill dueto quests. I also have a bit of prayer because I can't help but berry bones when I am training.




That brings up another thought. Is it viable to try to go hand to hand? Training melee skills and relying on prayer but using no weapons, like a monk or something. If it was, I would make one and work him up and could quite possibly make that account a member so I could switch to claws.




One last question. Is there anyway to bypass going through the tutorial island when you create a new character?

Tsi Ani-Yunwiya



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There are many diffrent types of pures. Some are pure str, where they work nothing but str, adn no other lvls. There are the most popular mage pures, which work mage and hp and nothing else, and there are ranger pures, work nothing but range. some people can be skill pures, they work nothing but skills, no combat, mage or range. It basicly means they work one thing till its really high. Usually a pure in mage range or str/def/att/ uses the account to PK. I never foudn this interesting, I ge a kick outa lvling my total. =D


someone else might know more about this than me. :wall:

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