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Contructive critism vs. flaming

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As many of you know, tip.it is a community that is very open to constructive criticism, but lately people have been getting this mixed up with 'flaming'.




v. flamed, flamÃÆââ¬Å¡Ãâ÷ing, flames


v. intr.


-To burn brightly; blaze.


-To color or flash suddenly: cheeks that flamed with embarrassment.


-Informal. To make insulting criticisms or remarks, as on a computer network, to incite anger.




other def:




v. tr.


-To burn, ignite, or scorch (something) with a flame.


-Informal. To insult or criticize provokingly, as on a computer network.


-Obsolete. To excite; inflame.





Flaming is definitely not welcome here, along with the rs2 forums. Now constructive criticism is allowed.




Constructive criticism:


-criticism or advice that is useful and intended to help or improve something, often with an offer of possible solutions




In other words, instead of shouting "no no no... this is not a good idea!", why don't you suggest something that could make it better. Lately I've seen alot of newcomers think that tip.it is a flaming community.




Here's how it works:




Some people think that tip.it forums is a place for open flaming. They flame, and newcomers see these posts and think that tip.it forums is also a flaming community. They flame, and the 'disease' spreads. I have seen alot of flaming going on lately, and it just needs to stop.




Sometimes I see "plz don't flame me" at the end of topics. Do not post this- stop the disease! Newcomers will assume everyone flames- so they do.




How else can you help? Well, just don't flame! Before I post something, I always click the 'preview' button on the post, so I can see what it looks like and read over it to make sure nothing seems on the 'flaming' side. I always try to add suggestions if I could think of any atm.






(excuse me if this is the wrong forum, I chose this one as it seemed the best choice)


By popular demand, this signature is back- however I currently do not have a blog up at the moment and if I did I wouldn't update it. Sorry, the sig links to nowhere :( .

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