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What account should i make?


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I currently have a lvl 3 pure. (hes member) Im wondering if i should:




Keep pure skiller




melee pker




range pker




mage pker








or anyhting lese what do you think. I have a small budget of 3mill. :?


Good Sig :( R.I.P The Old Nite

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Wind strike till lvl 19 -> Curse till 55 -> buy a lot of nats and high alch something, and buy more nats with the money you get :).


Barrows drops: 17 - Ahrims staff x 2, Guthans platebody x 2, Dharoks greataxe, Dharoks platelegs, Karils leathercoif x 2, Veracs flail, Ahrims robeskirt x 3, Guthans warspear, Karils leatherskirt, Karils leathertop, Torags hammers x2

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Please use help & advice for all questions.





Ty Jeppoz for making it. Thx to the Pup for finding it after it got lost :D And thx to Kill_Life and Turtle for the ava.


Stoltenberg, 22/7-11: "We will retaliate with more democracy" In remembrance of Oslo/Utøya. May we never forget, nor be pulled down to the level of the beast

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