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    I wish I had a pool. :(
  2. Where do you guys live? I've only seen very few stores had employees bagging your food and they were higher-scaled ones.
  3. Giordano


    Glorious use of a pun! :D
  4. Giordano

    10 years

    Catherby beach was where all the poor people tried to make a living. So goofy but it was nice. Funny how remembering back it was like RS was a second life: "making a living", living economy, etc, etc.
  5. Giordano


    Today was the first time in my 21 years of existence where I am confused over a girl. I finally knows what it feels.
  6. Debt. A couple of weeks back I decided to put the financial part of my life into gear and started working many more hours at my job. While I'm glad I have a feeling of purpose at my work (I used not to) it's quite sad to see hundreds of my hard-earned dollars go to debt I so naively, yet foolishly, took. A month or two more and I should be out of it. Can't wait for the day I gotta stop signing on that loan website.
  7. Giordano


    I wish I could check up on my old RS character. I forgot the password and the email's password. :rolleyes:
  8. Giordano


    Hey man I got this coupon, I don't have it with me but trust me- Well done. Hopefully you don't get many [wagon] and idiots working in customer service. Good luck
  9. If you expect the words to be exaggerated and needlessly filler, then you can look past that at get at the core of what anybody's saying. You always have to do that with stuff Muggi links.
  10. I don't know how you guys read it. I read it fine. Women (men, too) want to have kids when they're ready, but given the opportunity of a unplanned pregnancy they might just keep it ("One day is today", "it's destiny", why not, etc.,) Then a bunch of advice on how to avoid that.
  11. Your future plans, financial situation, and welfare of a child is not nearly as important as your 'girlfriend' being offended. Her feelings are absolute!
  12. Giordano


    I have requested them to change my address twice. Never recieved anything. I went there in person, waited two hours, and got a filled-out piece of paper I could of done myself.
  13. For separate endeavors yeah In other news, a girl on POF has her occupation set as "future nurse." Well shit, I should just change my occupation to "future retired trillionaire" since we're allowed to do that ftfy I don't think inflation will be that bad in the future.
  14. Giordano


    Sounds tough, glad he's OK though.
  15. Giordano


    Exactly, you can't deny we have some interesting people here. It also reflects how bland my life is and friends are: go to work, drink, play video games.
  16. Giordano


    I hope everybody's life is going good and any problems you might have be solved quickly. I haven't posted on here in a while but I have been reading OT nearly daily. Lately though I feel sorta depressed. I was supposed to take classes this summer but got kicked out because my financial aid ran out and I didn't pay before the deadline (obviously I find out AFTER the deadline). I also requested my work hours shortened to attended class and only work the weekends. But with no classes I'm just stuck home for 5 days strait working 15ish hours a week. I'm bored out of my mind, I don't know what to do. I don't have many friends and it was always difficult to set up schedules to do just about anything. My best friend who I could rely on to hang out is planning on joining the navy once he loses the weight, which means our old great passtime of going out to eat is gone. It's mostly the boredom that is depressing me. Aside from going to Vegas to visit my sick uncle last weekend, I have done absolutely nothing for 4 days straight. I have things I want to do but not the motivation to do them, and this has been a problem long before the summer started. So I wrote a list, thinking I would only have four, five things. Now I'm staring at a full page of stuff: some minor (participate more in these forums, increase the pace of a comic I'm drawing) and others major (possibility convincing my friend not to join the navy, getting a girlfriend, learning a 3D program to make movies). And you know what it's helped. This list has really made me realize how much I wanted to do. I'm not one to share my feelings and such neither, like what I'm doing by writing this post...but I can't do the same things I'm been doing before. I'm not looking for advice here, but I wanted to get this out of my chest. You guys here are the only people I know with such rich life experience...I'm very jealous of it and want to join you guys by having rich, lively experiences myself. Tomorrow (as it's past midnight right now and am going to bed) I'm going to do at least 3 things on my list, or things to bring me closer to them. You guys are a good motivator, keep up the good posts. So yeah, nearly a month of not posting and I come back with that... I never thought I'd open up so much but I guess desperate times calls for desperate measures. It felt good writing this.
  17. What discrimination she would get would not ruin her chance at achieving her goals or financial independence. I'm not saying racism/sexism doesn't exist, it is just not a relevant factor anymore.
  18. The largest discrimination occurring today is the poor v. rich. Differences between gender or race are irrelevant. I'm glad this conversation has been brought up, I just love posting this video (revelant part starts at 1:25)
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