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  1. Ya that what he gets. Tries to steal YOUR account, you steal his. Period. =
  2. There's no aligilty pyramid, and that was when they updated it in JANURARY!!!! Read the time in the posts.
  3. Have like a certain number on slaying, 50? 60? then you can use them.
  4. Always wanted pengins!! Did Lumby had a graphical update? Looks different. This is the first time I logged in today.
  5. can you be more, clearer? Cuz I have NO idea what you're talking about...
  6. Not sure about the loonatics, but pokemon is definetly education (and not just the games) You can teach how to control your dog at fighting, jk. How? I've only seen snow ONCE. 1. UNO. FOT. When I was like 4. Yet I can imagene snow and other things by games. And RS shows how people work in order to buy things, like what someone would do for a job.
  7. Old news, but still good to read. I like the way Jagex made fun of Star Wars, lol :lol:
  8. The dumbest part is they say: " NEED gf!" Ok when did you NEEDED to have a girlfired? Can someone answer this?
  9. Gold coins? silver coins? What next, bronze coins? Gold called Galleon, Silver is called Sickle, and the broze is called Knuts. How about that?
  10. You should of typed this on Word the pasted it here. Just a suggestion for doing long posts. P.S You should change ur tilte, this isn't a RC update
  11. Then why put internet? My school blcoks Runescape too, but last time I saw this guy looking at p0rn :shock: (it was sooo funny when he got caught :lol: )
  12. Maple Story looks um, not fun. I dunno, just by looking at the homepage, looks dumb.
  13. all people should have equal rights, but not all people are equal. some are better than others, but that shouldnt mean the get more rights than others. Well now there you're getting into specifics on what equality means. No we don't all have the same talents, the same social standing, the same wealth - but we are equal in that we have the same rights. I agree with you 100% :P sounds good to me :D Agreed. Sweden isn't THAT small. Luxemburg, go there and see small.
  14. These teachers think YOU have to like them. Well, I've never got suspened. although I got ditention for throwing pebbles like this size ----> o (really, that size) at some guy :?
  15. At first thought it would be like: (on RS) **** ******* ** ******* ****** ********* **** ******!!!!! But take a second and think. Mage pure, range pure?
  16. When I put "Buying rune plate", and acidently switch n and i (buynig) "Buy*****une plate"
  17. Yes it's changed. The OoC are stuned about it. Why did they have to chance it?
  18. "Who is the bigger fool? The fool, or the fool who follows him?" Obi-Wan Kenodi: Star Wars Episode 4
  19. "You shall thau halt and fight me." I would say that to random people on the street and ask if any one want to play the game with the horses, you know, the 2 knights start off the opposite ends and run to each other with the long sword (or stick?) and wham inot each other.
  20. I really want the first two, then the last two. Since asking for skill improvments might be too much for Jagex... I WNT BETTER BANK!!!! :D
  21. The donut idea was a good example. Why would Jagex waste their time for people who dont pay, rather than people who do? If you need something to do, go around RuneScape and say to someone that he/she is your master and you do anything they command. I dunno some ideas. That or Pk,
  22. and the dumber thing is, you cant type fart in RuneScape with it getting censored :roll:
  23. Zammy owns all. I've never got god armor, but I think Zammy looks best. (from pics and ppl in RS wearing it)
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