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  1. I know this might be a bit random but what do you think about it? I personally think it's rather revolting (no offense meant to any transexuals here) that you could change sex. Just imagine a guy going on a date with a girl just to find out they're secretly a guy. :oops:
  2. That galaxy has some major lag
  3. Probably when I was my girlfriend home and i was stabbed for a mobile phone and a bag of shopping ( this was after I went to hers). Luckily it was only my arm and didn't get a main artery.
  4. Why are your eyes red? Because i'm wearing red contacts... Does that mean you speak to the devil?
  5. GT: liampwnsu If you add me let me know yuur from tif Only really play FPS though...
  6. The trolley from Dead Rising :shock:
  7. Territorial Army....it's based in the UK
  8. I know thats a stupid question but I join the T.A in 1 week. Should I be nervous? Your thoughts please..
  9. Your the same as me! Care for a match of Gears of War someday? Pm me here and add liamjh, because thats my gamertag.
  10. Construction, because you could make a mansion with little supplys and a bit of cash.
  11. In all honesty, I play Runescape because I love all aspects of the game and the adrenaline rushes from quests.
  12. Best time: When my friend found out and gave me an Easter! I still have it as well Worst time: When me and someone i knew staked everything we had, i won and he started to fight me the next day (He's year 11 im in my last year at college)
  13. It is thank you...Mods can close now
  14. Well, i just got a clue and it said to stand by the fountain in draynor and use the spin emote.. Can anyone tell me where this fountain is?
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