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  1. The records pages don't at all consider bonus weekends. Although drumgun didn't use effigies, he did have 43m stored xp in sw, which is very similar. I'm pretty sure the records pages still do consider bonus weekends for the monthly records. The daily and weekly are not considered, but for the monthly records, it is still in one's monthly exp gains.
  2. I agree the only place nationality matters is the Olympics. But it doesn't change the fact that no Canadian city has won since 93. Only 4 teams have made the finals since and they have all lost. Most Canadian teams have been stuck in mediocrity for so long that it is no surprise that the Americans have noticed our failures at the biggest stage in hockey. The fact that no Canadian city has celebrated winning a Cup in 17 years is really disheartening. Cup droughts: Habs 17 years Oilers 20 years Flames 21 years Leafs 43 years The Canucks or Sens have yet to win the Cup. Not to mention teams like Nords or Jets who also played a couple of seasons post 93. Oh well I have been predicting that the Leafs will be the next Canadian city to win the Cup. We deserve it based on all the ridicule we have faced. Hopefully there is such a thing as Karma and we are rewarded with a Cup after all those years of ridicule we have faced at the hands of the hockey world. I'm from Toronto and I'm actually lol'ing at the fact that you think the leafs will be the next Canadian city to win the cup. As to the riots in Vancouver, they were going to happen win or lose. "Fans" don't go downtown to watch a hockey game wielding something to accelerate a flame, they go there to cause a ruckus. I'm not even surprised it happened after all the speculation for weeks that one would happen if they lost. Boston had 17 Canadian players on their team.
  3. This. :P That was the first thing I did in Membs the other day, was using it as an example. Current stats. my bad bigtoy said 7900 agility experience so I didn't bother to look it up
  4. I am 70 summoning and I have 582 green charms, 385 golds charms, 3220 crims How should I go about using my charms?
  5. Allar's overall rank right now on the runescape highscores is pretty 1337 if you know what I mean
  6. finally 100m exp :) going for all 80's atm excluding dung, which i will start after i achieve my goal
  7. thank sir, that was very helpful. if there is anything else you could suggest, that would also be nice
  8. I don't have the level required to farm torstols. thank you for the suggestion though, very much appreciated What plank do you think would make the most money to make right now?
  9. I don't really want to risk that, is there any gathering or skill based thing I could do?
  10. Well with double exp weekend coming around, what would be a good way to cash in on the rising prices of things? I think planking would be extra profitable during this week because of people planning on doing construction on the double xp time. Is there anything else I could do?
  11. Do Brawling gloves and the xp multiplier stack? so for the first 30 minutes could I possibly be getting (4*2.7)= 10.8x xp?
  12. this If staking comes back runescape will be complete again
  13. Like I said bro, You are a BOSS well done and keep just ripping through those levels
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