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  1. A whole lot of people have said KBQ fairy ring :D
  2. Ok, this thread is sort of like a game. You post a place on runescape that you find peaceful and why. I will go first. Tut island members world - EMPTY
  3. Im pretty sure as far as undead stuff goes, undead stuff bursts into flame upon contact with light, thats quite a sunroof.
  4. Pretty funny hole in the wall :lol: Post your photos if you have any. And the picture says "outline is the overhanging rock" and its purpose is to show people where the archway is, because its hard to tell the difference between floor and ceiling rock.
  5. Ok I know im prolly going to get flamed for this, but will someone give me a link to that guide to getting 99 ranging from chinning at the monkey madness place? Thanks. P.S. whenever I do a search it comes up with nothing, no matter what I try searching for. So don't tell me to do that.
  6. Ok, i don't see how that is any better than just turning your chat to hide when you are buying.
  7. Finally, I mean It was a long time coming for that. Anyone else glad you will be able to easily chat with traders now? I suspect prices may go down because of easier trading.
  8. http://www.hidemyass.com (thats hide my bum, except the donkey kind of bum...yea)
  9. the_one27


    I was wondering what the [cabbage] was going on, my internet would be fine until I opened up any runescape webpages then it would be slower than my old dial up back in 96. And that was slow.
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