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I need pking advise! please help me (even if you never pk!)


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I want to make myself a balanced pker,


I have these stats right now:




78 Att


80 Str


75 Def


80 Hp


74 Rng


75 Mge


58 Pry




97 Combat








What would make me a better pker?




1. 80 regular magic=


1. Claws of Guthix +Charge


2. Entangle


3: For 1k claws of guthix', entangels, charges and 75-80mage alching it's 3m




2. 82 ancient magicks=


1. ice blitz


2. for 1k ice blitz' and 75-82mage alching it's 4m








please vote for either:










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Option 3;


Getting 85 mage, Teleblocking + Entangle + charge + Guthix claws,repeat a couple of times.




Bring out whip? or Dragon Scimitar? And proceed to hit the target and entangleing when they run. If you happen to get some good hits in there, bring out your dds spec(Obvisouly while potted) Drain your spec bar on them. Hopefully guthix claws would have lowered defence so you can own them hard... Just remember, Split top and mystic bottom so your Whip? Doesn't get pked.


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