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range xp!


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hey i was wondering how many addy arrows it will take to get to 70 range (im using addy arrows cus i want to get it real fast and i am quite rich :P




i am going to pick up the arrows, i was thinking round 4k and i was also wondering with 4 k arrows wat lvl ill get cus i also have 10k iron nives but ill use after i use addy arrows


so how many will it take to get to 70 range from 56?

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blimey lol how you work that out


Well, you have to know the max hit by level and arrow type,


the exp per level, and how to handle picking up your arrows.




At level 56, with Addy arrows you have a max hit of about 10.


We can assume that you will average half of that hit or 5.


You earn 4x that in Range exp. So you will average about 20 range exp per shot.


If you pick up your arrows then you will be able to use each one about


1/(1-p) times.


p means the portion of arrows that you pick up. I use about 0.75 for it.


So 1/(1-0.75) = 4


In other words, I can use each arrow about 4 times before it's gone.


So the total exp earned by 1 Addy arrow over it's lifetime at level 56 ranging is about 4*20 (from above) = 80




To reach level 57 you need 19214 exp


So that means you need about 19214/80 = 241 arrows.




Now, just repeat that for each level until you reach 70. ;)


Btw, you should start hitting 11's at about level 61 and 12's at level 68




Hope this helps.

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I am 86 ranged an I HIGHLY suggest you do roving elves and get the crystal bow!!!! After the initial few recharges it becomes very affordable (180k per recharge) and hits like rune most of the time...not to mention you NEVER have to run around picking up yer arrows :)

99 ranged

90 hp

86 crafting

85 mage

...Eating players for breakfast since 2002.

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