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  1. No Well, if you picked up 75% of them and if you shot Bronze, then Steel, and finally Mith then you could reach about level 66.72 But, if you added about 2866 Bronze, or about 2556 Steel, or about 2477 Mith arrows then you could reach level 70 ranging. Finally, if you hunted Minotaurs in the SoS, then you could get a lot of Bronze arrows as drops. Hope this helps
  2. OK, with 42 DEF you will use a lot of food when fighting higher level monsters. Ok, that suggests fighting lower level monsters. In this thread you have received some good advice... as well as some, hmm, less carefully thought out advice. You earn Melee exp according to HitDone*4 The level of the monster doesn't matter. If you hit a 2 on a lumbridge rat then you will earn 8 in exp. If you hit a 2 on a wildy Greater Demon, then you will earn the exact same 8 in exp. But fighting and killing that GD is gonna take time and food. The fastest melee training occurs when you are constantly hitting something. If you can find a place crowded with monsters and/or a place with fast respawn times, then you can earn steady exp because you have a steady supply of things to hit. If that place has lower level monsters then you can kill them quickly and not use much, if any, food. Ths SoS if full of rooms like that. The monsters get harder as you go down deeper in the SoS so you can find some monsters that offer "optimum" training. That is, steady killing without using much food. Higher level monsters offer more exp per monster killed, but each kill is gonna take time (higher level monsters have higher DEF) and food (higher level monsters have higher ATK and STR). So, you will use more food and take more risk compared to a lower level monster. But since you earn exp according to the hit that you make on the monster, then why bother with the higher levels at all? Well, higher level monsters do offer much better loot. So, if you want training with some decent cash drops and some decent loot, then train on MG, IG, LD, and GDs. But if you want steady exp with very little risk and food use, then train on lower level monsters. Try the fleshcrawlers in the SoS. Hope this helps
  3. It's not clear to me if you want HP exp along with your magic exp. If you want HP exp then start by casting Mind rune based damage spells. If you want a more cost effective way and don't mind not getting HP exp, then you can cast Body rune based spells. If you buy some Wizard Mind Bomb drinks in Fally then you can raise your magic stat by 2 or so. That lets you start casting higher level spells sooner. Fire strike averages about 19 exp per cast. Curse always gives 29 exp per cast. Fire Bolt averages about 34 exp per cast. Crumble Undead averages about 39 exp per cast. A 100% safe spot to cast is the Key room in the Varrock sewers. You cast across the water at the 4 zombies in the ladder room. It is also a multi-combat area so you will almost always have a target. Best of all, you can use all of the above spells there. Other safe spots include the caged red monk under the Varrock palace stairs, Port Sarim jail prisoners, caged lesser in the wizzy tower. You can also try monks from behind their wall, Al-kharid palace guards from behind their wall, and white knights in their screen/torture room. If you want to use Body runes (Curse and similar) then you want to wear the worst magic attack gear that you can. That means armor of any metal type. Bronze works as well as Rune. Wear a full helm, chest plate , legs, SoS boots, kite shield, green vambraces, and a staff. You can reach about -68 for magic attack with that gear. That will allow you to always fail when you cast the spell and you can keep on using the same monster. However, you will still get full exp for the cast. Generally speaking, failed Curse training is the most cost effective way to raise F2P magic. In general, you can choose to raise magic with or without HP exp. And you can choose to raise it quickly (expensive) or more slowly (cost effective) Some of the more popular spells to use include failed Curse, Crumble Undead, and Hi-alch. Hope this helps
  4. He can buy a Wizard's Mind Bomb in Fally to raise his magic to be able to cast it.
  5. That will earn you about 340,000 in magic exp but using CU will earn you about 390,000 exp ... That depends on what price you can get for Fire vs Air...
  6. It's kind of interesting that in the free and pay versions of Everquest, you actually share your cash and can easily transfer 20 items at a time between your 8 characters. Your bank holds 240+ items but not all items can be transfered. One of the common playstyles is that of "twinking" up a low level character by transfering great gear down to him from higher levels. Obviously, the Sony EQ developers don't have the same perspective on this issue that the Jagex team does. This might be because EQ is, primarily a cooperative group game and RS is, mostly, not.
  7. If you hadn't noticed, 9 million RS players are f2p =/ Yes, I have noticed. But what, exactly, is your point? According to the popularity charts that I have seen of MMORPGs, The number of RS players is a healthy, respectable number but it is a minority of the overall total playerbase. My point is that we players are consumers and we can always leave a game if we don't like it. Like it or not, Jages is in a competition with other games for our time and money...
  8. Because it's Jagex's game and they make the rules. We don't have to like it and they don't have to justify their position to us. If we don't like it then we are free to take our money elsewhere and play a game like EQ that actually has a shared bank account (money and items) between 8 characters that you have. RS is a game that competes against other games for the attention and money of players. We can always "Vote with our feet" by leaving and begin playing another (free) game...
  9. AFAIK, the max is actually 214,748,364.7 (that's (2^31-1)/10 ) but Jagex caps the displayed value at 200M Well, here things get a little bit more interesting. If Jagex used an unsigned 32 bit integer for total exp then the true max would be 4,294,967,295 So, a player with an average exp of about 186.7M in 23 skills would max out total exp. What about completing quests, PKing, getting full chompy kills, defeating all champions, merchanting, getting all old holiday items, etc. In other words, there are plenty of non-skill-exp related things to do. No, RS is not a static unchanging game. (well, except for classic RS) Jagex is always releasing new quests, gear, and skills. So, as long as Jagex updates the game, there will always be things to do. IMHO, I think that we should leave the guy alone and let him play in peace...
  10. What are you talking about? Selling lobbies to the PKers that sometimes gather there...
  11. Fly fish in the river next to the Barb village. Cook or drop the trout/salmon. What about the Tip It marketplace forums? Or, try the edge of the wildy north of Varrock. Yews can be very slow. If you want the exp then just do Willows. You could chop (and burn) south of Rimmington Mining, Fishing, Cooking Hope this helps
  12. It depends on what your goals are... But there are few things that you could try... Woodcutting willows and/or burning willows. Perhaps, power mining iron in Al-Kharid. Failed Curse training. Smithing in west Varrock if you have the ores. Hope this helps
  13. Obviously, that depends on when he goes there...
  14. IIRC, you can now buy very large amounts of arrows from the Range shop in Varrock and Rimmington. So, you should check those stores and set your own price based on that. Hope this helps
  15. About 76.9 if you did not pick them up, or 88.4 if you did pick them up Hope this helps
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