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  1. What do you mean by combat signatures? Something like this?
  2. About 50k chinchompas. Costs about 50m including prayer potions, etc. Takes about 50 hours. 50 FTW!
  3. Xeones


    +1 Great experience at a minimal cost.
  4. Xeones


    In my eyes, there are only two viable ways of training Magic well. 1 - High Alchemy used on Yew Longbows. 132gp per cast and racks up up to 65k experience per hour with no change whatsoever. 2 - Fire Bolt at Iron Dragons or other preferred monster. 180gp per cast and gets about 40k experience per hour when used properly. Gets you HP experience and some great drops if used at the right places.
  5. How do you need Help & Advice exactly? Everything Jagex said in that post is true, at least for people who have half of a life.
  6. Hunter is considered a great 99 to go for. This is because it literally costs nothing and gives you a 35m+ return. You can also use the chinchompas caught from Hunter for Training Ranged to 99 in a matter of about 50 hours. Good luck.
  7. It would be smart to wait and see how the system works before thinking of new ways to use it.
  8. +1 So it would cost about 2,640,000 gp. Good luck.
  9. Before asking help with a very hard task, how about trying to keep in mind what the previous posters said? You rejected every single one of their ideas! Sure, you can try training with full Rune armor and a Dragon Longsword on Experiments to 99 Strength, but you'll be making a mistake that you'll regret while training.
  10. OK, how about we change the subject of this thread? On a normal drop-trade occasion, do both accounts get a permanent ban? If not, then he has a right to be angry and to appeal for the right punishment. Does anyone know what the punishment is for drop-trading?
  11. A safer, faster, and better way to raise it to 99 would be to camp at Dust Devils with the Bones to Peaches spell. Dragon Chainbody FTW.
  12. Wow, that is one of the biggest and worst opinions on this forum.
  13. Great idea, this can save everyone a couple of mintues while they're searching for something. Organization is WIN.
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