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  1. Brilliant! By removing most of the repetitive clicking, they have reduced the repetitive clicking! Why didn't I think of that?
  2. The problem is that this will be non-canon, and future RS updates may contradict any information given. So, if you're really into this sort of thing, you may be disappointed and shoot yourself with the gun in your mom's basement.
  3. I brought a yew log to the furnace but it said I need 80 firemaking to use it. I also brought a maple log, but it did the same damage to the scarab as the teak log did, so it may be just as good as the teak.
  4. I turned down sex for wave 10 of BA. Oh this is supposed to be fake? Sorry.
  5. Im pretty sure theres a law against framing people... Framing means you make it look like someone did something wrong but they didn't and never intended to. Also, some people are confused about entrapment. Entrapment is when you make someone do something they wouldn't normally do. That wouldn't apply in this case either, because they're already looking to buy/sell gold.
  6. I had a quest cape at combat level 77 (no longer possible). Because of this, I don't think of a quest cape as very impressive I guess. Therefore, Hunter>Cooking>Quest
  7. No, make sure to remove them before you log out so you don't lose them.
  8. This is the message that appears after you vote.
  9. Sorry but the knock, knock jokes and the door is old. Came with varrock makeover. Yeah, it wasn't put on because the update was part of the Varrok makeover, which wasn't hidden.. Sorry, but no. They didn't come out in the Varrock Makeover, they came with the Grand Exchange. After the makeover there was only bankers in one side of the bank. GF, you tried :XD: These jokes were available at the NE door in the Varrock bank before the GE came. The ones at the SW door are the same jokes, on a new door.
  10. I'm happy to buy tree seeds, but it's no use buying 1000 calquats if I can only plant one at a time. I'd rather buy 1 or 2 of them and come back for more later. People get quite a few calquats at Miscellania, but not all of them farm, so they sell their high level seeds on the GE. This creates a huge supply (and long waiting lines for sellers). People do buy these, they just don't buy ALL of them.
  11. They're used for summoning, along with ashes of course.
  12. The knock knock jokes were already there (at least at the NE door).
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