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The picture is called the 7 faces of Lyra. got the name from the constellation. ive had this name for 7 years (jagex you stole my name! :evil: ) i wanna know how you guys think i draw, be truthful.








yes its blk and white, but i couldnt find a color version of him.

i am lagato13 hear me...oooh a nickel :P

98% of the teenagers surounded their minds with rap music, if you're part of the 2% that stayed with rock, put this in your sig

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well the abs and such re kinda iffy, I know its in style to draw like a hae oval then draw little ovals inside it..but that is NOT how abs look in real life, look at a picture and see you they really are, also hold a pencil or osmethin in your hand anddraw how it looks, because those hands would not lookmlike that when holding a sword. Anyway keep practicing and it doesnt look horrible, jsut some things i noticed.

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