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becoming a new member


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was thinking of starting a membership today




all i want to do is pest control for combat levels




would full rune w/ scim do well enough with everyone else running around with whips and whatever else?




im 96 combat (77 att/82str/75def/55prayer).

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You need to do the Lost City quest to wield Dragon Long and Dragon Dagger. You're good for Pest Control, in fact check out the forums in my Sig (Level 90+ Pest Control Group) for quick games.




Also learn to edit posts instead of double posting on your own topic :wink:

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Welcome to the world of members :D




your fine for pest control




i would reccomend doing Lost City for your new dagger it is quite easy and you cant get hit if you mage or range it!!!




oh yeah your gonna need a diamond to get to the shop to buy the dagger!!

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