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Itchlarins little helper


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I was hoping it wouldn't be to much trouble but could someone make a blimp view map of the inside of the pyramid so a view of it




special thanks to tip it for a picture example


The pic on tip it confuses me i can't really tell the distace for whole pyramid.


this is an example of a blimp view map




special thanks to tip it again for map. another example would be the agility pyramid map.


So could somone make a map view of the correct pathways and traps i've done underground pass,waterfall,gnome stronghold and almost done monkey madness but i can't do simple itchalrins little helper :evil: :( :cry: :wall:.


Any help that someone could provide would be greatly apreaciated :) Thank you



only 2 skills below level 50 :)

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I can't make an image, but maybe i could try and describe to you in words the path. I recently did this quest too, and that pic worked perfect for me.


First go 1 square past the wall thing, walking on the right side


Then, go one square to your charactors right, and go forward to the square with that is inline with the wall thing


Next, cross to the other side once more, and go forward to the sqaure at the lamp, go across once more, and you can go forward and continue on your way.

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