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question about barrows and a pure question


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should i take mage armour or monk robes to the barrows?


because i wanne save some pray pots..i have 70mage


besides armour i am wearing farseer helm,glory(maybe fury),zammy book,and barrow gloves....




for my pure i am wondering should i go for ancient or stay with "modern mage"..if i use ancient i should use range/mage;else i only use mage




i have 92 magic and 92 range




owya is it worth getting 52 prayer??

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ok barrows..




it doesnt really matter as long as u have your prayer up and your using a decent mage ..




i mean if ur using wind strike id wear the mage armor lol




or u could do a combination of both..




monk robes the mystic gloves boots and hat

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for your pure, i'm not really sure...


you got 92, so it would be a waste not going for 94 and using ice barrage.




2nd that.

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In my opinion most of the prayer drain comes from the prayer drain by around 15 points every now and then. So to avoid that the most I suggest mage gear. But that's what I think.

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All skills 80+


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