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  1. Well, batch 2 will be cool as it brings us all sorts of treats that even affect the outside world: - Mage pray reflecting the range one. Or the other way around, which ever is missing. (Hybrids will go crazy on this.) - Ability to buy stuff that you get in the game. As in, to the dungeon. - The new bosses and all that. - Solo mediums. - Unconfirmed rumours about further price reduction. [No source has confirmed that.] There was other stuff but I forgot what it was. :D As for the point of your topic, when the batch 2 comes out it will definately raise interest again but not as much as it was on the launch and days following it. The gains for those who have played it decently far are great of course and I for sure am keeping my tokens tightly close to me until it comes out. To a lot of people dungeoneering has had a weird impact. I get tired of doing it at times and then think of doing something else... Then when I'm fishing or something I think to myself "I think I'll go train dungeoneering a bit". :-D A little birdie sang that it would be next week if all goes well, who knows. It was initially suppose to be out on may but stuff happens.
  2. The graphics have also been swiped from another game, Eräjorma, that was released in 2001. This will be one of the first times that a new content comes out and I will not even bother checking it out. I always hated fishing in games like Breath of Fire and such.
  3. Heard about something similar on a CC not too long ago. Someone got banned and threatened to commit suicide, cops came over and, well, the guy was then later online hyping about it. I find it calming that if someone really is depressed and talk about their dark throughts while playing the game, Jagex cares enough to contact law enforcement agencies and try to help that person. And from what I know, the police can get the name from the ISP quite easily. At least in Finland.
  4. I have to agree with the above. I suppose those proxies don't help much when internet police comes knocking on the door. :) Nothing left to say but: PWNED That guy must be sitting in his cell thinking: How did I end up here? Was all that 1337ing in RS worth it in the end? A friend of mine said that the law in the UK works so that if you make money from all that hacking it is concidered as ill-gained funds and have to repaid to someone. If anyone remembers R2Pleasent or whatever his name was, he claims to make tens of thousands from RS (according to his sig on another forum) so he might have to pay that back if Jagex was to pursue more people. In the end, it is good to know that they care about our accounts, if mine was stolen I would be heartbroken.
  5. Dwarf: 9 nature runes Tarromin seed Marrentill seed Harralander seed Tomato Cheese
  6. No you can't. Cannon dwarfs: 92 coins. 37 mind runes.
  7. Mine are all cannon dwarfs. Also, both dwogres and cannon dwarfs drop muddy keys. Edit: drop, not frop. -.-
  8. I think it looks cool! No luck yet. :(
  9. From the cannoning dwarfs: Crimson, Green and Gold charms. Ammo for the hand cannon 100 each (current price 2k each) Nature runes 18 Law runes 6
  10. I love you Swampjedi. I did few courses on coding in Uni and debugging those simple lines made me want to shoot myself in the leg so I can't even begin to think what it is like for Jagex. Plus all the brats whining about: - WILDERNES SBAK PLS - FREE TRADE PLS - AMAGAD BUG I LOST 300 PARTYHATSSSS111 So yes, not much more to say. Apart from the fact that I like to read Rants section, it's priceless.
  11. ^^ Heavily disagree with you there Michaael. The updates are good it's the players who want sailing and old wilderness back that suck.
  12. IMO they should've kept the old new font. Don't really care what font we have as long as I can read it and that pretty much covers all the western fonts. However, the kids are annoying with their aqpw so I can fully understand why the font has been slightly changed. RSOF was raging when they can't make penises anymore. And they even admitted that on their rants.
  13. I'd pay 50 quid for that thingie. WoW has it and you can also get it as an app to your cell phone so it works even better if you can do that. Bank space *drools* I'm currently at 6 spaces left in bank with all the skilling items, PvP and clan warring so more bank space would be in one word: Awesome!
  14. Yes it's most definately broken now. Maybe the world is about to end. PANIC!
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