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The Tip.It 12th Guard


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Been here for a few days now and I enjoy this forum very much =) So, I going to do a small "Experiment" Where much will be explained in the Future. Please Rate this story and comments from all are welcome, but only nice ones. Let us begin.


Chapter 1, Chronicle of the Tower.


Gather round Children of much to learn and Adults of much to share. A story shall be told. A story of many adventures roled into one. If thou has not heard of the tale of The Great Gates of Tip.it, It's time you started to learn. Even those who need much to learn or know all. This tale is for all. Open your ears. Close your eyes. Prepare for a tale which you will have never haerd before. It was a Dark time. Darker than any storm. Darker than any Demon or Evil Soul you could imagine. War and Neglect was upon the innocent. Was there any innocent you ask? Nobody was innocent. Except for a small little Village who kept the Saradomin way. Anything this small village tried to do, didn't make a impact. Every day. It was the same. People died and people were born into terrible times. However, this little village. Was going to change everything. By there ultimate weapon. Time and Paitence. Little did the Dark Cursed Towns know about this way but they were going to learn either way. War or No war. Let time unfold in this town of peace and the land of war.


Our story begins with a man whose scars could tell a thousand tales and weapons could bring countless deaths approached the bank. He focused on the woman and spoke quietly.


"Give me your food, money or whatever you have or die."


"Leave in peace." The Banker simply said


"I SAID GIVE ME YOUR STUFF!" The Adventure said as he raised his voice whilst the banker remained calm. Then a man walked in and tapped the man on the shoulder. As he turned around. The man put a Sharp knife to his throat.


"Leave. Or you will be thrown into the sea for your evilness to be washed away." The man said.


The robber just left without a word. After he left. The town remained their normal life. As for the hero, he went to the Tower full of wizards and went to speak to the head.


"Approach my freind." Said the head Wizard.


"I bring news which may shock those who are preapred like a wolf. The War has gotten worse. Many people are now being held as Hostages! What should we do?!" said the man with a worried look on his face as he stared at the ground. Thinking on what they should do.


"This is indeed a very serious situation. If this continous, we will be the last village left and we will see a new sea of bodies each and every day. We need to summon a team of all." The head wizard said.


"A team of all? Do you mean a team of Ranger's, Mage's and Melee's?" Asked the man.


"Correct. Now go seak them." Said the head Wizard, with that the man left to seak the team to save the innocent and purge the unclean. They were known as the Tip.It Guard! The small little village was soon to become a legend!


What do you all think? ^.^ Why is it Called the Tip.it 12th guard. 11 people will be randomly selected and be sen a PM saying that you have been selected to be in this story.

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Very cool. Minor spelling errors (their, seek)


Other than that i liked it. Stories about history are always cool, and i think this one has a good start. It will be cool to hear the rest with the 11 random people in it. 1 more thing, try using less periods and more commas or spaces.


Good write!







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