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  1. Thanksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss :thumbsup:
  2. Heyyyyyy you did a sig for me a long while back, And I need a new one And I couldnt think of anyone else I would want to do it :thumbup: Size : Sig limit on hurr Text : Weezy Subtext : Four tears on my face and you ain't never heard me cry Render : http://img372.imageshack.us/img372/4117/lilwaynebm01uy5.jpg Additional : Can you put the render on the left side, and you can place the text how ever you feel looks best. Thanks
  3. He slipped slowly past the trees. The night covered his every step, and except for the nearly unnoticeable sound of his breath, he was silent. His gear camouflaged him into the empty night. His feet stepped quickly now as he approached the building. He climbed quickly up the side and onto the roof. The building was small, and it was alone in a large dark forest. Desolate and dark it sat in the depths of an un-kept forest, and it had been left that way for many years. Only one man lived there; only two men knew it ever existed. The man on the roof sat quietly for the next three hours. There was no light from the cabin, no sound, and no sign of life. As the sun broke upon the horizon and brought small light into the thickly grown forest, the sound of life came upon the cabin. Footsteps could be heard through the cabin, and the man in the roof drew his sword quietly. The long thin blade shined dimly in the morning, enchanted with a long and ancient magic. His face, covered by a dark wrap showed only his eyes, and if you were under him, like most of the unfortunate people who crossed him, you could see where his wrapping allowed him to breath through his nose. He dropped to the ground without a single sound. He was in front of the cabin. There was only a small door, with no windows. He waited silently, five feet in front of the door. Slowly it opened; and out stepped Halder. He was short, an old dwarf whose beard touched his belt. He wore solid gold armour; the plated armour was rusted and dented. I knew youd come eventually, The dwarf spoke quietly. He didnt speak, he merely raised his sword above his head, grasped firmly by both hands, one leg lunged towards the dwarf. It wasnt my fault! They made me, the made me Halder pleaded hopelessly. He slowly accepted the fate of the fight and drew his long silver spear. The long pole stood taller than the dwarf, slightly taller than the man opposite him too. It was topped with a long blade, which added at least a foot to the pole. It was sharp and gleaming on both sides. The dwarf stabbed towards the cloaked man and his blow was struck aside by the sword; which quickly returned to the idle hold above his head. Dont do this You know they will find out. You know, they already know. Can't you see they want you to kill me! They will find you! Halder pleaded helplessly with the dark, silent man. The man jumped towards the dwarf and it seemed time slowed as the man gracefully cut through the air. As he got close to the dwarf his blade fell quickly, slicing into the dwarf at his neck and stopping in the middle of his chest. The man starred deep into the dwarfs eyes, then pulled the blade out, quickly spinning and cutting off the dwarfs head; which fell to the ground, along with the rest of his body.
  4. Soul Calibur 5/10 The font is messed and blurrry, then the pics dont match
  5. \ first post The work is really good. The sigs are all really nice (i love the vector one). You should try experimenting with a few more styles and try some new things, you're good. 9/10 overall =) 9 cause the soldier one (premade) needs more backround work ;)
  6. 10/10 man that tripped me out. :-$ :arrow:
  7. New part up. Pleaseee don't say anything like "It isn't going fast enough, where's the action?" Cause that's coming up okay? -.- Enjoy =)
  8. Creeepppyyy :) Amazing detail and explinations, I have a perfect picture of the hospital in my head. This is the first piece I have read by you in a long time :oops: , I won't be making that mistake again ;). Thanks for the very scary, descriptive story. 10/10 :thumbsup:
  9. * Try to keep all your story parts in your original post * It's a bit too short to net many reviews, so don't expect many. Once you get a few more parts with a bit more plot, you can expect more feedback
  10. http://www.soadfans.com/index.php?modul ... erby=dateD OR if you want to render this one... http://www.soadfans.com/index.php?modul ... erby=dateD C&P it into your bar :oops:
  11. Deathcab :( Colours : Green/Yellow (toxic) Grunge : Yeep. Text? : Toxicity
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