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For Range: cannon or bow?


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I'm trying to train up my range, its only level 7 right now, and I'm wondering what I should use:




If I use a cannon, then I can do high damage and get loads of exp at one time for it for my range, but it costs 750k, which is going to be painstaking for me to make, plus I need the steel bars for the ammo, which is only going to cost more money.




If I use a bow, then yes, it will cost money, but only aobut 1 k for bow and arrows, so it will be cheaper. However, it will take longer, since I can barely hit a 1 on a goblin with a bow, rather than just blow them to pieces with a cannon.




So what should I do? And also, if you think I should get a cannon, can you offer advice on how to make the money for it quickly?

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I think a connon costs too much as you stated: 750k + steel bars or cannon balls that cost 200 ea or so. Especially because your range is so low, you have loads of cheaper alternatives.




I would go with the best gear you can wear, being:




leather chaps


leather vambraces


leather body (hard leather body if you have 10 defence)


oak short bow


bronze or iron arrows




Another advantage is that this gear is cheap, and/or that you can make them yourself very easily (low crating/fletching required). The arrows you can make too, either bronze or iron, levelling up these skills as you go. Especially when you train on chickens, earning you feathers to be used for fletching.




You can also use throwing knives or darts, but then you have complete the tourist trap quest.




A disadvantage is that it is slower then a cannon, but I personally prefer time+skills over speed+lots of gp flowing out of my bank... And really, blowing goblins to pieces with a cannon IS a bit violent, don't you think? :twisted:




Good luck!



Other data was removed when acoount got hacked...

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first off you can buy a cannon off the street for around 500k-600k. Dont buy it at face value. as for cannonballs get off your butt and start makin them

lost rights to my dark red text >:(



Barrows sets: guthan, verac, dharok, maybe ahrim eventually <- lost to a hacker whole stole everything of worth from my bank

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Buy cannon off the streets. The money you're gonna need to buy this isn't gonna be a loss since you're gonna sell it back.




Buying 2k c balls. 360k. That would take you to around 40 - 45 ranged, hopefully. Then, sell the cannon, and use bows and arrows from there.



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From the sounds of it, you should just use a bow and arrow. Cannons are great but only if you have money to spend on them. Also, your smithing isn't near what it need to be to make cannonballs

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