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  1. Meh, I never knew you but welcome back.
  2. 1. Achievement Capes - While I've yet to obtain one, I still love them because they are so cool. 2. Recipe for Disaster - It gave me a reason to do Desert Treausre and the Barrows gloves are awesome. 3. Graphics Update - I love the new graphics, I hope for more soon.
  3. That's alot of capes, I'll far surpase the number of people with Fire Capes (Lol, 29 capes to 7 people in one day).
  4. :XD: Anyways, it's an RPG, I think you should be able to say and do anything within the games rules.
  5. Wow, you can speak english with a reading age greater than 12, give yourself a big pat on the back. It's infuriating that your the minority. And they say I flame. But yeah, I always pronounced Glough as Golem, dunno why, probably because of the similarities, Golems are big (usually) and Glough likes big things.
  6. I dunno know what the topic title means, but... Personally I like the new harpooning thing, it's like "Hiya" and you stab a shark with force versus the old one, but I'm not sure what this topic means. I think that's what it means...
  7. It don't approve of that comment, I'm 13, and I'm very mature, and I like it. But then again I am an otaku... :XD: Yeah I agree about the still ejoying it at 13 thing. No idea what an otaku is though. I'd give you the wikipedia link but I'm not allowed. Basically it's someone who loves anime and manga in America, but it can have many meaning in Japan. And I didn't say that to prove I like childish things, most animes (e.g. Bleach) have way to mature themes for 10 year olds.
  8. Haha I still won with 15k tokens. ... *Feels like I just won the Satanism trophy*
  9. Before I got into Fishing Guild, Fishing, I couldn't stand it, and now, I'm fishing 90% of my RS Time.
  10. Same but with 10000 for Black (I'm serious).
  11. It don't approve of that comment, I'm 13, and I'm very mature, and I like it. But then again I am an otaku... :XD:
  12. Maybe when you alch it, you actually sell it to the bank and so you get money and it disappears. :? :-k :| What they do with 100k unstrung yew longs a day I don't know...
  13. My Black Cavalier, it was a gift from my best friend IRL who died of cancer, I wouldn't trade it for a Christmas Cracker or a Blue Phat.
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