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  1. hmmm, things i could see that would hurt runescape: Jagex releasing a new game, where you can transfer your character. if there wasn't the character transfer from rsc to rs2, i can guarantee there would still be 5 rsc worlds. furthermore, i don't think it would have hurt there sales all too much, infact they could have been raking in money from rsc and rs2. a huge hack/bug, but only if jagex fails to do a reset from before the glitch. runescape is a pretty stable game. people say they would stop when the updates stop, typical rs2 product attitude. why back in my day, updates came ever 5 years and it cost us half a finger and a nickel. all joking aside, i would guess that if they did not update there game once, in two years you would still see 200,000+players on the game at peak hours. the game is imense now. i remember when i could say that yes, i did indeed know everything about runescape. now, i highly doubt anyone can claim to know more than half there is to know about runescape without being an idiot
  2. i would be so angry i would sit and fume and write angry letters, in spite of the fact that jagex wouldn't give 2 cents about the average player
  3. wow, even if you did scam somone, a whole 200k? ohhhh noes, that must take a full hour to get back, better punish you for a full week. its a game, in real life if your stupid you get scammed, just like in rs
  4. i'd be more than content with that green bedsheet from the port phasblablah quest
  5. i don't think it has to do with posts, or if you talk to alot of people. it has to do with what you post. say for example somone posts a 'f2p should get updates' post, and you go on there and say something like 'you don't pay, you don't deserve.' thats not really constructive. while it may be your view, it is incredibly closed for discussion. beign a popular tipiter is somone who can draw people into a discussion, argument or topic, not who posts alot of useless garbage
  6. red drags while getting loot without telegrab... with mage book, fury ammy, infinity boots, seers ring, full ahrims.... a sad day for me
  7. RFT, thats a pretty good idea. i do not understand what people meen when they say that a new armour would make training to easy. it would be maybe what, 20+defense on barrows armour? even if it was, people would still want a zerker or warrior helm, and pretty much everything that gives an attack bonus. it would be nice to get a couple new sets of armour all around to make the higher levels a bit more useful, since they are the hardest to get. also, who the hell said defense was overpowered.... stupidest thing i've ever read.
  8. wow, that isn't great... giving up runescape for myspace... way to drop a rung in the ladder of society. god dam myspace
  9. i would guess they are for f2p. jagex aren't as stupid as i think they are, and they know that few people have 99 skills in f2p. more importantly however, is if an f2p person sees somone with a skill cape, it will make them want one aswell. if somone is going for a skill cape, its a lot easier to get it on p2p, so they might subscribe. its not like people are going to unsubscribe just from nice looking capes.
  10. since i was on the front of this post, i feel obligated to both brag about it, and add something. i really do not like the trimmed/guilded/whatever armour in runescape. its treasure armour, and rare, but really, why would you buy it? its not discontinued, it has same stats as regular armour only looks different. so, we've established theres no economical reason to own it, or combatative reason. so, people must buy it for showing off the god they support, or showing that they are just so rich that they can throw away money.
  11. most of us knew it doesn't matter how long you keep it in there for, but there's always the thrill of coming back after a month and having a ton of cash all at once. plus it makes you seem like your a clever businessman
  12. know what game had a good storyline.... knights of the old republic and the sequel. that was very interesting
  13. runescape seems to have a colourful, rich storyline about the gods and other such vast powers, or so i'm told. i havn't listened to one line of text about the gods in the runescape story line. when i started runescape there was all f2p, and the f2p quests seem to be lacking in the story department. over the last 4-5 years however, i haven't once been interested in the story behind it. i notice ALOT of newish players are really into it. for me, rs's 'story' was the long history of clans and clan battles. so, the focus here is: do you bother to read the storyline behind runescape, or just do quests for the rewards?
  14. i'm downloading it now, does it run AS a background, or in the background like teamspeak
  15. yes, i was wondering, is it possible to get a program like cpu-z, or speedfan, or preferably BOTH as a solid background? i'm beginning to overclock my opteron, (up to 2.4ghz from 2.0, running at 35 celcius with stock fan) and i have two monitors. is there any way to get these programs, or something similar, quite importantly a cpu temp display as a background?
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