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  1. Wow...Thats pretty good damage........ Thanks for sharing
  2. Yes all imps have a certain spawn point.... And the nature one in the north-west corner needs to be moved 3 spaces up in the corner =D
  3. It would be like if the world ran out of fossil fuels... They would freak out and be pissed.... But would soon find a new thing to overprice and buy and sell to keep money circulating through to economy...
  4. Prayer books were suggested on the offical RS forums around a year before the update.......OWNED If crystal halberds DID come out, they would probably be super powerful....Then get the hell nerfed out of them
  5. I got lumberjack in 4 hours lol :shock: Almost everyone who notices it asks what it is... Kinda funny considering how long its been out!
  6. Well I dont know why people say it takes so long.... I got mine in around 8 trips.... But really, considering the bonus per log, IF you are planning on hardcore, long term training, then get the suit If you want it for short term, dont waste time on it....
  7. That one picture is probably from [Caution: Jagex Rule Violation] or some other server emulator, mainly because it said" This is beta servers not free" And that other guy in the video admitted to be on a server emulator too..... on-topic! They would probably go to Lumbridge and ask newbies if you wanted a party hat, trade it , then decline and get there sick little laugh, lol happened to me lol
  8. Hmm.....A completely futuristic runescape...the places names dont change but the world is new, some new races and old ones........ Ogres become intellegent as of evolution..... Dwarves become leaders in weapon manufacturing..... And they could make jokes, like the current king be the great*10 or so granfather of there current...... I would love to see lumbridge made of good old fashion imported japanese technology \
  9. Someone dropping hundreds of rares of every kind in my house who isnt actually duping them! *breaks out in tears* ITLL NEVER HAPPEN!
  10. Well, by going what you say, they could be going for CLAN CHAT like they have been saying for awhile. Probably seeing how it fairs when people are on different worlds and because it would go to everyone in that world they just shut it down, probably, mabye, more then likely, quite possibly truely,.....not
  11. Monkfish are a type of angler fish, if you look on the pictures with one in it, it kinda has one of those angler fish things on its head...Im a nerd so dont sue me cause im smart And for your learning pleasure, no matter how much you hate it... Monkfish are marine bottom-dwelling fishes belonging to the family, Lophiidae. These fishes have very broad, depressed heads (head is as wide as the fish is long) and enormous mouths. They have long, sharp teeth and a modified spine called an "esca", that is quite mobile and can be angled forward so it can dangle in front of the fish's mouth and be wiggled like bait to lure its prey. Monkfish range from the Grand Banks and northern Gulf of St. Lawrence south to Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. They are occasional visitors to the lower Chesapeake Bay from late fall to early spring. They inhabit sand, mud, and broken shell bottoms from inshore areas to depths greater than 800 m (2,300 ft). Monkfish reach maturity between ages 3 and 4, and spawning can take place from spring through early fall depending on latitude. Females lay a non-adhesive, buoyant gelatinous egg mass that floats as a broad raft on the water's surface. Larvae and juveniles are pelagic and remain in this stage for several months before they settle to the bottom at a size of about 3 inches. Monkfish grow rapidly with females reaching approximately 39 inches and living to 12 years of age. Males have not been found older than age 9, and their total lengths reach approximately 35 inches. Monkfish are voracious predators and feed on benthic fishes and other prey almost as big as themselves And everyones favorite fun facts... Monkfish have been reported to eat prey nearly one-half their size, as well as capture waterbirds at the surface. Monkfish are sometimes known as "allmouth" since the fish is mostly head and the head is mostly mouth And a nasty yet awesome photo... <--That is a monkfish, look familiar?
  12. Pfft, I still havnt done sheep shearer and im lvl 87, not because of something like holding a record, only because I didnt wanna do it. Now do you see me making some freaking thread about my procrastination? No? GOOD and I plan on keeping it that way..... :oops: rant much!?
  13. I call Tip.It's offical Desert Pharaoh!
  14. yea i saw this on attack of the show about a week or 2 ago
  15. i just about swallowed my gum when i read that lol :oops: i think the ugliest is the tyras helmet and the green/brown hunting clothes made from kebbits
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