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  1. mcneilp


    Today we went to the polls to vote on our country's future. Then I played some football. Standard Thursday really.
  2. Don't like it? Don't go to a club, simple as that. When me and my friends first started drinking legally, we'd end up in a club near enough every time we went out. I enjoyed it back then. Now, several years down the line, I'm lucky if I end up in a club 5 times in a year. Our perspective changed, I'd now rather sit in a pub and have a blether with some mates but 5 years ago, nah [bleep] that, lets go to a nightclub. Different strokes for different folks, is all.
  3. Came here to ask if the premium thing is worth it as I've just started playing again but someone beat me to it. Guess I'll hold on for another few weeks. Played very well tonight, despite it being my first time in over a year. Might look for some kind of regular squad to play with as playing with randoms and having a 2/4 squad full match sucks.
  4. mcneilp


    I've got a bottle of 85% Absinthe sitting in a cabinet downstairs. It's pretty shite stuff, essentially just 85% alcohol with some food colouring in it. Absolute rocket fuel.
  5. Dude still posts on Facebook pretty regularly. I think he might've initially left for his stint in national service though I'm not sure. Dragoonson? National service definitely rings a bell. He was from Singapore and I'm sure they do national service still.
  6. mcneilp


    Been re-watching Band of Brothers. Just watched the one where they discover the concentration camp and have just spent the last hour and a half reading up on Auschwitz and the holocaust. It's now 3am and I can't sleep, mainly after flicking through the albums on this site: http://resources.ush...all&page_len=25 Give both albums a look, both taken by the same guys only one is full of pictures of the prisoners and the other is the Officer's personal photos. Chilling.
  7. mcneilp


    Same, took an entire outpost out with one arrow earlier. Hit the bear cage, the bear escaped and mauled everyone for me. Easy peasy.
  8. mcneilp


    Aye, she phoned the police the first time it happened. They showed up 5 hours later and said there's nothing they can do unless they catch them in the act. Went round to see her this morning but they didn't show up. I suggested getting a better lock thing for the communal doors so she's gonna look into that.
  9. mcneilp


    Went for a few beers with friends last night at a pub that had a bunch of bands playing, mostly high school aged kids hardcore bands but a guy I used to play with was playing in his new rockabilly type band and they were awesome. Hardcore dancing is also the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. I like the music but the dancing is just daft I think. Also got a call from my gran saying theres a bunch of kids drinking and smoking weed in the entrance way to the flat. They've been using it as shelter and dumping all their litter even though it's an old folks apartment block and private property. Her neighbour went out to them, got given a bunch of abuse then they ran off. They came back and done the same thing today. I'm gonna go round and see her tomorrow morning, hoping they turn up.
  10. mcneilp


    Started looking for a job today, might be a chance I can get back in at my old work so I'll see how that goes. Meeting some friends tomorrow, head to a pub quiz for a few beers and whatnot.
  11. Been around since 2006, can't remember specificaly what prompted me to register but I'm pretty glad I did. Got to be part of a community of sorts in game, which definitely added a different aspect to playing and since I've stopped, the OT boards are always a good time killer, even if I am mostly reading instead of posting now.
  12. mcneilp


    Arrived back home this week after a year travelling/working abroad. Still feel a bit weird/jetlagged but it's been good seeing friends again.
  13. mcneilp


    Fluent in English. Semi-decent French and German. Know a few words and phrases in Spanish, Swedish, Czech and Japanese but wouldn't be able to string any kind of conversation together in them. Just bits and pieces I've picked up.
  14. Cheers for the offer dude, I'll let you know when we're heading down. Travelling with some kiwis from that neck of the woods as well.

    Theres a bunch of us pooled some cash together and bought a runaround car. WOF expires in July so we've got it until then at least. Depends how much work needs done on it if we decide to keep it or not.

  15. You should hit me up if you're coming to Dunedin and you want a tour guide/drinking buddy! How are you guys getting around? Have you hired a car?

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