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  1. For anyone wanting to kill the new monsters for abit, when they call 3 helpers, whichever you kill last the main monster will gain its ability. Ive found the sapper to be the best to kill last
  2. Gratz on 96 summon babe, finally got your own yak ^^
  3. I'd personally like to see some boss slayer monsters released, think the one time bosses in the smoke dungeon but not one time. :thumbsup: Id also like to see more monsters that can only be killed either on task or when you have a slayer level a bit higher than the req. I also think they could allow you to do extra damage to slay monsters below your level for example having 5-10 levels above the req would allow you to deal an extra 40 or so damage. :twisted: Finally i think armour that worked like the slayer mask, so extra defence while on task or a possibility or some other bonus. :ohnoes:
  4. I accept your apology, and am glad to see that my rune kite is lucky. I also take it that its gonna be hard to get back off you x
  5. Ive read your whole blog and ive gotta say your progress is amazing. Congratz on 99 slayer I dont know how you manage to never trade with other players, its something i couldnt do thats for sure. Prayer is gonna be hard thats for sure :) Add me if you ever wanna chat or somethin
  6. I hate you, what you gonna buy? Now come celebrate on cod with me boy
  7. I don't take advide from peopel who give up Ps3 for 360 :-# But herblore is a favoured skill of mine, shame its so expensive :-# I didnt give it up lol, ben did but i didnt, i have both :thumbsup:
  8. Yep get 99 and make me some brews plz Either that or slay
  9. You fail Hurry up and get 90 slay so you can kill everything :thumbup:
  10. Naise clue, makes me want to start doing clues again Now go get a whip on task pl0x
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