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  1. Yeah... it does seem like everyone "loves" penguins... In grade 7 my friends called me "queen of the penguins" :roll: I have no idea where I got that nickname..
  2. ^ Same, In the second movie though, where the guy has the key behind his eye... and had to cut his eye out to get the key... I wouldn't be able to do that. :uhh: *shudders* I want to see saw 3 so bad, I love those movies =P~ .
  3. If your so bad at it then it wouldn't be a waste of talent? And would regretting quiting be worse than all the stuff you don't like about it?
  4. I can't eat in the morning at all, I'm never hungry when I get up, I usually just have a bottle of water or something else to drink in mornings.
  5. Rock, paper, scissors is a sport? :-k You learn something new everyday...
  6. What gender are you? Female In a week, how many times do you consume the following: Fast food 3-4 Home-cooked meals 4-5 Restaurant food 0-1 Left-overs 2-3 Breakfast 0 What grade are you in? 9 Do you feel pressured to watch what you eat? Nope thank you very much for giving your time to participate in this survey! Your welcome.
  7. good idea.. but there is no world 126 :wink: Yeah there is. :-w
  8. Smile

    Favorite Pie?

    Ugh... I can't stand pumpkin pie. :-X I <3 apple pie though. :3>
  9. 1 computer. Me and my mom share it, lol, my mom hardly uses it though. ...you ppl have alot of computers o.O
  10. I used to love puzzles :3> . I still have like 10 or so boxes of puzzles in my closet from like.. a long time ago. I don't have the patience to do puzzles anymore though.. I used to find them really fun.
  11. Smile

    saw 3

    haha :P , don't ruin it for me please! Saw 1 - amazing. Saw 2 - kinda predictable, didn't see the kid's hiding spot coming though :P Can't see it 'till it comes out on DVD, hmph, being 14 isn't fun. I know eh? I want to see Saw 3 so bad, loved the first two, I'm trying to get my dad to take me to the third one. But we'll probably end up not going. :(
  12. Smile

    Happy Halloween!

    Happy H'ween! I didn't get a costume, not going trick or treating, most of my friends are though, even though they said like 2 years ago that, that was going to be the last year, lol. I'm handing out candy, and later I'm gonna find a horror movie to watch :thumbsup:
  13. =D> Gratz! lol, about 3 and a half years until i turn 18..
  14. $50,000.... =P~ I'd buy a good digital camera and an ipod for sure, and probably blow a bunch of money on clothes and stuff. Then I'd put the rest away to help pay for college and the trip to Europe me and friend are planning after high school.
  15. Smile

    Horror Movies!

    Watch 'The Grudge' if you havn't seen it, that is a seriously scary movie :ohnoes: I wanna see the second one so bad... Or watch 'Saw' it's not scary, but it's a pretty good movie.
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