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  1. 4 itchy tasty... Also, Zon, lay off the warhammer...
  2. Ninjas are nerds... Pirates are jocks... the worst kind... I say that AND I have a pirate bunny on my avatar, even though im more of a ninja myself... :wall:
  3. Its probably one of those things people say like... Masturbating causes blindness and ache... Eating watermelon seeds makes them grow in your stomach... Swallowing gum gets them stuck in your gut... Stories to scare people. :-k
  4. I got one and I have yet to figure out how to set my tabs... :lol:
  5. Its still pretty stable right now. I can still buy things, and people still sell.
  6. Im bumping this thread just because its eerily accurate, even if it was posted 4 days ago. You guys really didn't know what hit you... :?
  7. You better not regret this decision the day after you give away all your stuff. :?
  8. You can now bank and take out "members objects" when you are in a F2P world, but you still cant trade them. Dunno if its old though.
  9. New job for the tip.it research people I guess. :-k
  10. We've ALL been though this before. Don't go in if you dont want to lose items, or dont bring items at all...
  11. You guys have until January 2008 till the drop trade thing will be abolished. :wink: What's wrong with Party house? Well, other than the fact that everyone gets spammed that there's a drop party happening... Nothing wrong with it, but its alot more fun to do it in open spaces with good scenery. :) The last time ive been to a TET christmas drop party, it was held in Lumbridge castle upstairs. That was a good party. :
  12. You guys have until January 2008 till the drop trade thing will be abolished. :wink:
  13. I thought you quit runescape a long time ago. o.o
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