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  1. on "my doncments" folders how do i password protect a folder?
  2. anyone know how you can set the mouse to click by pressing 5 or something to alch? Its legal by jagex rules btw.
  3. IRC chat The one thing wrong with tipit is that it has ss hating owners :(
  4. im thinking about making one, what would be good MELEE stats for a staker
  5. Heres a funny one. Noob (like level 97): Free phats come folo me 2 chaos alter. Me (level 85): *banks all my stuff* Me: (playing along) Ok sure! Lead on! Mod: Rofl Mod mutes the noob Mod (in pm): Lol yeah, free party hats right? Me: Lol yeah i was just playing along with the noob Mod: =P
  6. Are you blind, or just stupid? I SAID NO PEST CONTROL!
  7. A monster with low range def. If you say lathis ogres or pest control i will kill you.
  8. What do you say? If im in a good mood ill say: What... If im in a bad mood ill say: Go away you stupid noob no i wont do a quest with you or give you free stuff. (before he even says anything) Yeah, you can see how much i hate being annoyed.
  9. Addy: Al karhid Rune: Champs guild but its prices 2x as much as from a player =\
  10. I am wearing: Berserker helm Glory Torag plate Torag legs Zamorak book (DO NOT SAY GET A DEFENDER) D scimmy Addy boots No ring Rune gloves (I don't have 130k atm for the barrow gloves)
  11. jpd2


    no there isnt a hally spot just melee protect and kill an archer monkey
  12. Would curse be an effective way to train mage at 70 mage?
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