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Hi, i've just joined these forums so I don't know if this is my place. However when reading through some of the threads that have something like 80 pages I can only view the first 1 and last 3. This is a bit annoying if say I want to go get to page 40. I was wondering if there could be (like on the rs main boards) a place where you can type in what number page you want to got to.




This would be quite helpful for those threads that are really quite long. I don't know how hard this would be to programme or anything, it's just an idea of mine. If this has already been posted or is unable to be done sorry for wasting your time.

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Its actually quite easy and already written , the Admins have been sort of "crash testing" the function for me elsewhere. :)

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Ard Choille says (11:41 PM):

I wouldn't dare tell you what to do m'dear

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