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Just started playing again, need major help


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Alright, I just logged into RS for the first time in just over a year and I completely forgot pretty much everything. I'm starting to get some of it back, but uhh yeah. I got a few questions.




1. What's that town with lots of men in town, a witch spawn outside of it where you could cook food, and has cows and scorps nearby?


2. Are feathers worth anything?


3. Where's the shop where I can sell basic things?


4. Where can I buy tinderboxes and nets?


5. I have a lot of stuff in my bank, and I don't know which of these stuff are useless. Here they are:




-24 bronze arrows


-3 cowhide


-1 leather


-39 feathers


-1 shears


-2 copper ore


-14 fire runes


-25 bolts


-5 chaos runes


-4 earth talismans


-1 priest gown


-2 air talismans


-1 fishing bait


-1 fishing rod


-1 kebab


-1 scroll


-1 bronze bar


-1 uncut ruby


-50 body rune


-48 air rune


-19 earth rune


-1 water rune


-2 cooking apples


-2 uncut sapphires


-5 iron longswords


-4 iron swords


-1 iron mace


-1 bronze longsword


-1 black bead


-4 cooked meat


-1 Al khraid flyer


-112 iron ore


-1 coal


-1 raw bear meat


-1 bear fur


-1 hammer


-1 bronze pickaxe




6. What the heck is the point of constructing? And how do I do it?




7. My current armor is: Full iron helm, cape, brass necklace, mithril longsword, iron platebody, iron kiteshield, iron platelegs, leather gloves, and leather boots. My attack is 30, strength is 24, and shielding is 24. Are these goods equipment/skills?




8. Last question. What sort of monsters should I hunt that don't hurt a lot but aren't insanely impossible to kill?




Thanks and sorry for all the questions.

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lots of men in varrok, but you probably mean eithe al-kharid or lumbridge, both in the same area


feathers go for 2-10 gpe


general stroes are in nearly every town and city, they have a pot as their symbol


tinderboxes from general stores, nets from fishing stores (there's one in port sarim)


cons is there to drain money, dont do it until you have some you want to throw away =)


the bank, i would call mainly junk, but i am higher, and don't know what your skills are. armour is ok, but not very good.


kill guards or cows. guards for exp, cows for hides

Back by popular demand!

And I guess I just wanted to tell you, as the light starts to fade, that you aree the reason, that I am not afraid, and I guess I just wanted to mention, as the heavens will fall, that we will be together soon if we will be anything at all.

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Ah yes, thanks I found what I was looking for. I got a couple more questions though now:




1. This "Mysterious old man" just popped up onto my screen and gave me a raw chicken. What's this supposed to mean?




2. Where can I see how much experience I have?

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