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pures with no defense?


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my no def pure wears iron. im thinkin of lvlin em 2 5 for steel

lost rights to my dark red text >:(



Barrows sets: guthan, verac, dharok, maybe ahrim eventually <- lost to a hacker whole stole everything of worth from my bank

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The best F2P melee pure outfit (1 defence) is:




1. Iron Full helm


2. Amulet of (defence, strength or power)


3. Iron platebody


4. Iron kiteshield (or 2H sword / no shield)


5. Dragonhide vambraces (40 ranged), otherwise leather gloves


6. Dragonhide chaps (40 ranged), Studded chaps (20 ranged) otherwise Iron platelegs


7. Fancy/Fighting boots from security stronghold, otherwise leather


8. Cape, any colour




To go melee against mage, then swap the shield for an anti-dragonfire or wooden, and the other metal pieces for leather or mage kit.




Bronze is cheap & useless since Iron has the same wield level.

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