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  1. Worse than that, the sandforce controller is getting a right pasting in forums, and it's unclear if the firmware is a 100% fix, or even if it is firmware fixable at all
  2. that rather vague detection may be a virus/worm itself, the old fake security scam - you have serious problems, but this to fix them.
  3. When all floors that you can access are ticked, reset progress and begin from floor 1. Each time you do a floor that has been unchecked by the reset, you benefit from the saved prestige from the last resets, and you want the maximum possible prestige. For the lower floors, it's usually suggested to rush them at C1 small, as they generally score lower, and you need to do them after a reset to maximize the next prestige. At C1, you only have combat, no other distractions, but the XP penalty is 50% http://www.tip.it/runescape/?page=dungeoneering_guide.htm
  4. It's an ADSL modem router, and there is no DD-WRT or other alternate router firmware suupport for modem routers. Looked all through the online manual, and defeinitely no QoS or throttling capabilities, I guess if one was on wired an the other Wifii, you could lower the wifi speed)
  5. Disable date last accessed... cuts out a few more fairly useless writes http://windows7themes.net/registry-tweaks-how-to-disable-last-access-filestamp-in-windows-7.html
  6. I've heard of EMSIsoft, used "Hijackfree" to sniff out unwanteds, they are good guys.
  7. Wonder if the figures include the bonuses you can buy with respect, and if the bonuses help, then carry a weapon so you can take down the ancestor faster, as ancestors & pipe repairs are both a good source of extra respect (can ignore them once you have bought all the respect bonuses you need).
  8. http://downloadcenter.intel.com/SearchResult.aspx?lang=eng&ProductFamily=Graphics&ProductLine=Desktop+graphics+controllers&ProductProduct=Intel%c2%ae+G43+Express+Chipset Graphics driver, from the 64's in the file names, I guess you're on 64 bit Are you certain that the monitor resolution is correct - if it's CRT and you push it too far, it can fry, while LCD may map other resolutions to screen resolution, but with impaired quality. Is it only Runescape graphics that look wrong?
  9. http://www.eusing.com/free_registry_defrag/registry_defrag.htm One example of a registry defrag/compact It's not something that should be needed often, but the very first time, it can deliver a considerable shrink, depending on how much wastage has accumulated.
  10. I was going to say "Kobo Touch", but that price on the Sony is incredible, a no-ads, multitouch (pinch zoom), for the price of the ad-sponsored Kobo .... In UK, the no-ads Kobo is cheaper than the Sony
  11. There is always a danger that a cleaner will remove something that is not required now, but can be later. A good registry "defragmenter", on the other hand, can repack everything and save space, though to fully defrag registry, you need to use a registry defrag, followed by a file defrag with boot time capability for moving files that are unmovable when active.
  12. Finally traced it, seems to be some obscure conflict with my security suite - Java works fine for everything else, just not Runescape, until I exit the security suite. Outpost, but from the number of complaints, I doubt they all use Outpost.
  13. Tried uninstalling 6u29 & installing 7u1 - no change - Currently downloading 6u28 (yes the supposed internal release) found a link to it on an Oracle server - slow, but finished. Installed 6u28 - Runescape does not recognise it as installed... Other tests do recognise
  14. Minotaurs are ace free training, you can range over fences, so you never get hurt, and they are not aggressive, so as long as you kill any that you hit, you can collect your arrows & any they drop. Wear range gear, if you're in metal, you won't hit a barn door at ten paces... the F2P "range amulet" is the Accuracy (Imp catcher quest) or the Power. Take an extra level or two of bows to switch to. The sling is not that great, a little weaker than a basic shortbow & bronze arrows, but the infinite ammo is an advantage... Kayle's sling is a tiny bit better than the ordinary one
  15. http://[use Quick Find Code]/c=DHL1Bis5wJ4/[Please Use QuickFind Code]?25,26,327,63309050,goto,1 RSOF Quick find code: 25-26-327-63309050 It seems there is some fallout, with failures on the Current Java 6u29 - with the suggestion, to find and try Java 6u28 (missing out on the security updates in 6u29). Is the low user count in some worlds due to bot removal, to a fading game, or simply that people cannot get ON I have two different PCs, one XP, one Win7, and both have the same problem
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