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A good place to mine


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I am p2p and i have access to most mines but some mines are still crowded and such can anybody reccomend a good place to mine the following ores?














Oh, and if it helps i wish to bank the iron not power mine it

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If you want to, you can mine addy and mith in wildy level 31. Its a pretty nice ammounts of both ores there. Beware of pkers, thought. I'd suggest you go there with a pickaxe and glory only. You can tele to edge under level 30 wildy (its not level 20. I have mined runite for a week and I allways tele to edge at 29 wildy)

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I would say that lumby mines are great for coal, mith, and addy especially if you superheat. Either way, it is a very short walk to bank in lumby if you use the agility shortcut. Yanille can't be beat for mining iron and banking.




P.S. Play on full worlds. Respawn rates are increased the more people are logged into a world. Try the merchant worlds and hope for a crowded world that doesn't have an active miner. :-w


PM me in game to use some skills of mine (glories/potions) free or to ask a question.

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