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My locked account


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Hey guys! I really need some help or advice ony my account's status... it's locked as I already mentioned in my subject. I've requested so many password changes and have given Customer Support every bit of information they have asked for, yet I keep receiving this ANNOYING, ANTAGONIZING, BAITING, CHAFING, EMBITTERING, DISPLEASING, ENRAGING and unacceptable automated message that says I need to provide them with the same/more information. Any help as to how I may get my account back is very, very welcome. You may also share your stories about how you recovered your account- I encourage it! I sure hope my membership isn't still running... :boohoo:

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It is still running. I played a joke on a friend who had started playing that day. I told him that I stole this account. I was having fun thinking that he had no clue on how to report... needless to say he did it several times and my account was locked. Totally my fault. I messaged them several times and they basically said no. After pointing out that the game wasn't worth the hassle that they were giving me and to check the ip address' used they finally unlocked it. :D


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Oh! I noticed that my IP has changed recently, but I don't think that is the cause of it because my other accounts and my brother's accounts are untouched. Do you mind telling me what you actually did? Step by step?


I would appreciate it! :)

Music is like candy. You enjoy it and throw away the wrappers.

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I managed to get mine unlocked today (but they still won't overturn the bans that the thief got)




My advice is;




If you subscribed, find out how and how many times


tell them where (eg Sometown, ThisCounty, England) you created the account and the rough time


tell them when/if it was hijacked


If you've tried too many times today, you get an insant auto message - wait 24 hours.




Best of luck.




Runesacpe customer service is one of the worst i know, so be prepared. I still have queries pending from 2 weeks ago and i've got members. :(

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