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85 Fletch


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Allright this is not spam listen up.




After getting members i decided to do quests, i did priest in peril, got my prayer up and decided to try out the desert. Being quite nooby i equipped these "Robes" looking at the guide. I took the things + full water as someone said i could die. I run around for ages looking for the the quest start, then i find it a few minutes later.




So i'm in the desert, here it is, that quest start. I talk to the lady, she blaahs on. I run to the place. So i'm starting the quest finishing it.




--After about 2 hours of getting caught--




Please pick 4 skils to be advanced in. So i'm thinking, fletching, i pick it. And i've got 14 fletching. 3 Months later, i've got 80 fletch. About 30 levels more magic.




So now, heres where you come in, i've always wanted 85 fletch. Perhaps all the money i could make etc. I will be making your stuff for free. E.G, you give me 1000 yew logs and 1000 bs, i make 1000 yew longs. I have about 1000 already stocked. And no i will not scam you, this is all for my experience. I have about 10 mage shorts if anyone wants them.




If you would like anything, message me (B 50 2) and i will make you your stuff A.S.A.P. I'm world 121, making Airs, until i'm asked to make something.












Donaters :D :




Edit: I realise this could be plan, but this is for people to get there stuff made for fr33!!!

If anyone remembers me... PM ME. having nostaligia issues D:

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you can't save up 600k and buy 1k yew longs yourself so you can swap the other person their bows at the same time you get the materials so they dont have to worry about getting scammed?




also i think you are losing money on this deal...you could sell the bows and buy materials for cheaper

RSN: Bantam222 [105 combat] [1578 total level]


Support my quest for 1600 Skill Total!

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Please use the market forum Robin Hood's workshop for this. Locked





Ty Jeppoz for making it. Thx to the Pup for finding it after it got lost :D And thx to Kill_Life and Turtle for the ava.


Stoltenberg, 22/7-11: "We will retaliate with more democracy" In remembrance of Oslo/Utøya. May we never forget, nor be pulled down to the level of the beast

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